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i have read on here people saying they are trained to use nail drills,is there any type of elctric file or drill that you dont need to be trained in? which gives fast results? or are you better off going for training for this? im doin my level 3 nvq in nail services and spray tanning




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I dont know for sure if you definately need training in e-files, seriously think you will though. BUT considering the amount of damage that can be done to the natural nail plate/bed/surrounding area using e-files I personally believe (and I am sure others would agree) it would be highly irresponsible to use a e-file on clients without professional training that is accredited by a valid insurance company such as BABTAC, The Guild etc.

btw Young Nails and NSI do e-filing courses.

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here in the states most school train you to use an electric FILE, not drill youre not drilling holes like with power tools youre filing....that said, there is no way i would allow anyone who has had no training to use one on me. there is way too high a risk of filing at to high a speed for the task you are doing, causing damage to the nail and the nail bed by filing through the nail, and removing all the product you worked so hard to do, not to mention the pain, bleeding and infection that could happen without training. even with training accidents happen. PLEASE get the training before using.


It isn't just a matter of knowing how to e-file or use an e-file. I feel the most important part about e-filing is using the proper bits. In using the proper bit for what you want to do you have reduced the chance of causing any damage. Training is important, as well as practicing on yourself. You can learn alot this way in that it teaches you how much pressure or not, the right angle, what bits do what, etc.


When i first started out, the idea in the industry was "drills are a no-no". so When i started using a drill about 4 years ago, i had no training and no idea what i was doing, but my boss and clients demanded the speed of a drill. So crash course and a few screwed up cuticles later, i wish there was more training available for drills. I've never seriously hurt anyone other than a minor scrape or nick but if i had done training i would have felt way more confident in myself and i think the clients would have been more confindent too. Definatly if you can get into drill training, do so. One drill is the about the same as the next so i don't think it matters which one you choose as long as you do something. Don't go in blind like I had to.


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I bought my drill fron NSI and because i did they gave me discounted training which was good. Maybe other companies do similar deals?!:)