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  1. Hairbysam

    Wella illumina 10/69

    Hi, This is my first post so firstly I would like to say hi 👋 I have read some amazing posts on here so I am hoping someone can help me please! I have used Wella illumina 10/69 with 1.9 pastel 1:2 left on for 10 mins I lifted the hair to a level 10 previously and the results after the...
  2. M

    Bleach Blonde to natural root colour?

    hello. I need some advice. I’m not a professional. I pretty much ruined my hair about 7/8 month ago with bleach. When I saw my hair falling out. I haven’t touched bleach since and I don’t want to either. I have trimmed my hair but my hair still feels weak and shed hair like a very hairy dog...
  3. L

    Blonde toners

    What would you recommend for a toner to achieve this blonde? Any brands let me know
  4. E

    Blonde balayage

    Hey everyone I’ve attached me some images a below. Just wondering what technique you would use to achieve this xx
  5. L

    Faded peach/rose gold toner

    what what is the best toner to use on blondes for this faded dirty peach look? Any brand
  6. Fjo3

    Green crazy colour help!

    Hi I recently put purple crazy colour over my blonde balayage (I have naturally dark hair) and it’s gone a horrible green colour with some bright blue bits. I really want my blonde back and I have no idea how to do it. I’ve heard baking soda, ketchup (??), dish soap, but I don’t know if these...
  7. E

    Adding depth to blonde hair

    Hey, so I never colour my own hair but am going to this week. I was very blonde but over lockdown I toned the blonde down and my hair has grown out quite a bit. I want to add quite a lot of depth to it but keep some blonde, especially framing my face. I’ve gone a little brass and ideally want...
  8. L


    Hi all! Hope you’re all well? I have a client coming in December, she has around 3 inches of root growth. She’s a natural level 5 but she usually lifts to a clean 9 (she’s always had a full head of back to back highlights) She’s sent me this photo of what she wants. I’m thinking full head of...
  9. L

    What toner to use for a beige blonde look?

    Hi everyone! im wanting to tone my blonde hair current base level of a 9. I want to go a beige blonde like this photo. What is the best toner to achieve please? I’ve previously used wella kp 8/96 but fancy trying something new?! Let me know your thoughts. TIA
  10. L

    Majirel high lift ash + help

    Going to do alternate highlights bleach and high lift ash + on a base 6. Never used it before so thought get some advise... Would you do 30 or 40vol with high lift? It’s full head highlights so was thinking 30 at back and 40 when I do the top? May tone with 9.01 dia light, will see how it...
  11. E

    Help with ash grey toner

    I have a client tomorrow and wants her hair like the picture attached but not sure what toner is would be the best . As I will be doing balayage first then toner? So maybe like a Ashley Fred but need more opinions from you guys😊
  12. F

    Disappointed in my new hair

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can give me some advice or info. I went to a hair appointment yesterday to have green staining removed from my waist-length bleached (balayage from the ears down) hair, put alot more ash blonde put in to the still dark brown ontop of my head, and a cut and blowdry. I...
  13. F

    Warmth that will not go away!

    Hey y’all Natural Level 7 in front/6 rest minimal grey in front only Every color combo ALWAYS comes out too warm and then turns warmer as time passes hair is balayaged with ends being at about a level 8 into 9 neutral blonde-but quite often ashy becasue of purple shampoo to tone out the brass...
  14. D

    Help with brass

    my client whilst in lockdown has bleached her hair 3 times. Natural level 4. Hair didnt lift well she went orange and has since used an ash blonde box dye. Which is extremely brassy. She wants to stay as light as possible but ive refused to bleach anymore as hair is compromised. I use wella I...
  15. H

    Ice white Wella

    Hello! Just after abit of toner help.. I’ve been bleaching my boyfriends hair in lockdown, his hair lifts to an level 10 and he likes it ice white so I’ve been using CT 10/6 when I give him a fresh toner every week it goes a nice white colour But when I tone it after a full head of bleach it...
  16. D

    Wella Illumina 10/69

    Hi all first post! While in quarantine my sister has lightened her hair with blonder soft blonde cream. She’s wanting to get to wella illumina 10/69. Is this base light enough or would she need to lift again? Thank you
  17. H

    Keeping toners in Wella

    What’s the best way for blondes to keep their toners in? I use wella and I always get my clients to use good shampoos but their toners don’t seem to last too long, one thing I dont use after bleaching is wella ‘seal and care’ I know in training they tell you this is a must but they don’t...
  18. AJonesMobile

    Salon disaster surprisingly!

    Guys and Girls bit of a long one please bare with! Let me set the scene! o_O So for once i am the client with a problem however due to the tones left behind vs the condition of my hair i am completely stumped at what to do i know i should probably leave it alone for the best but im not happy...
  19. S

    Highlights and gloss

    Hi! I had babylights put in my hair, but after the hairdressers put toner on my hair, my hair turned orange (I have originally dark hair). A gloss treatment (like shade eq) would help tone down the orangeness and make it darker, but would my babylights be dark as well and make it seem like I've...
  20. Shelbygirl

    Please help me tone to white

    Hi guys! Im not an experiecend hair stylist at all, Im new and just starting. Right now Im trying to do my hair. I use wella. I bleach and then I tone with koleston ( we dont have wella toners where I live, I have to do it with dye). Last time I used 10/16 with 3% developer on dry hair and I got...