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Oct 30, 2007
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Hi everyone

I'm after getting a Brazilian done, and a friend has recommended a salon that does them...however on their website it says "from £25" - I'm worried about WHY you might charge one client more than another, I know it sounds a bit daft but I wonder if it's some mysterious ladybit-related charge?!
Common sense tells me it's probably just to do with which therapist you get and the more experienced ones charge more - if anyone can set my mind at rest I'll be v grateful!
It's in case you're Transgender..........you know, when you don't know if you're Arthur or Martha. LOL ONLY KIDDING !!! It's because some people are hairy and some are not. I just give one price. x
It's like paying a gardener, if the bushes are thicker, it's gonna take more work:lol:
lol! I've got images of some poor therapist with gauntlets and a strimmer now. hopefully I should be at the lower end of the pricing scale...actually that's given me something to think about, I'm hoping to train in waxing eventually so I need to practice a straight face when explaining that somebody's got a big bush... I used to be a nurse and sometimes we had to shave people "down there", I can see that you might need to charge for your time as it were...
That's the reason I give a set price. That way nobody is offended and everyone likes to know how much soemthing is going to cost before they buy.
I think that sounds kinder, personally I would feel terrible saying to someone that I was going to charge them extra because they were a bit hirsute. It's nothing they SHOULD feel bad about but people do don't they, especially ladies, we're taught that the only place we should have hair is on our head in specific places!

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