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Aug 28, 2003
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i am thinking of doing the acrylic enp home learn course with the training hand but i was wondering if anyone can tell me if it is really as good as its made out to be, i have read lots of good reports but i would like to hear from someone who has actually tried it to see what they think.

being in scotland sort of hinders me a bit for training classes because apart form starnails courses there are very few other options, i could always do a one on one course with a trainer but its just too expensive....my friend done 2 days personal training and it cost her £700

also if i do the course and hopefully pass it then i think i will give the creative products a try as i have not read any bad reports about creative yet.

the enp airbrush course also looks very tempting, also not a bad price either at £399 and that includes the airbrush, compressor, paints, stencils etc

i look forward to hopefully read some encouraging responses :)
Why not just do the Creative course in the first place??
The training hand is included in the cost of the course and Creative Training is widely available in Scotland and they give very thorough training.

The EN course, as you know, is classed as remote learning and most people on this site would agree that if you are serious about getting into the nail business and then being successful, there is no substitute for learning with an expert on hand to guide you - not to mention the back up service the company provides after you finish your training.

It doesn't make sense to me to take 2 steps when you can do it in one.

The EN course has been talked about a lot on this site and if you go to 'search' and put in 'Essential Nails', or 'home learn' you should come up with lots of posts on the subject. The search engine on this site is a phenomenal tool that a lot of people don´t take advantage of, and it is a real help.
i have just finished and passed the essential nails acrylic tip and overlay course and i am now doing the home maintenance course to me it has been brilliant as i am a full time mum to three boys.
you can work at your own pace and watch the video over and over until you have mastered applying the tip, acrylic and so on the hand you get with the course is the best peice of kit you can have as you can practice and practice before allowing yourself free on the public i also have a group of 4 friends who have helped me put my learning into practice on real people. which has helped with learning not to get products on cuticles etc.
i am now confident to charge for my services now.
so the answer is yes to me it was well worth it and i felt so proud when i got the phone call saying i had passed.
like you i hope to do creative in the future.
good luck with the course. you will enjoy it
thanks for the replies.......i do actually find the enp home course quite appealing as my fiance works long hours and every second week he does nightshift so i think it would be something i could work away at quite happily in peace when he is out.

as for the creative nail courses, could someone tell me about the ones that are available in scotland and what price they are.

i did do a 2 day starnails course a good few years ago but i never really followed it up, i've got to admit that i did not learn much in those 2 days....just the sort of basics and obviously as it was a good few years ago all the products have now changed.

i'm really keen to get started on a course again, wether it be at home or in a class so any help or advice from people is greatly appreciated


stanleyann said:
as for the creative nail courses, could someone tell me about the ones that are available in scotland and what price they are.

Hi Stanleyann -
In Scotland we have 10 Ambassadors, let me know where you are and I can direct you accordingly! :!: The Hotline for ALL Creative Nail Aademies is 0113 275 0433; speak to an Academy Adviser and she will send you the Lifelong Learning Brochure! We do ALL courses in Scotland just the same as the rest of the country!! PM me if you would prefer ;)
Hi there,

You will be mad not to train with Creative, they are so great. The back up and support you receive is 200% and they are always at the end of the phone. Homelearn courses are great when you have not the time to go to a Academy and learn but you do need support and back up of a human person, I still do 3 years later. I did further training at the Newcastle Academy and all I can say is FANTASTIC!!!!!! I recommend Creative to anyone they are just the BEST!!!!!!
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