Environmental Health. tennant above shop has an issue with the smell of l&p. Help!


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Feb 8, 2006
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Alnwick, Northumberland

Hello again, I recently put a thread out asking for advice following a visit from the environmental health woman (who lives above the shop i rent space in). She says the smell is obnoxious, and has a big problem with it. I'm totally pulling my hair out about it. Is there anything more i can do about the vapours? I do all the necessary, metal bins, lidded dappen dish, rubbish disposed of correctly, etc and just don't know what to do. (the shop doesn't smell at all!) She has offered me no solutions to it, and i'm petrified she'll stop me trading if i can't do something about it. Please help!!!
Well now I think we need more info here because it sounds like she may be abusing her position as an EHO - ie she has a vested interest in her enquiry. Where do you rent space? Is it in a beauty salon or hair salon?
I rent space within a tanning shop, her flat is above the shop. She says she can smell the 'smell' in her stairway. Also, she did admit it was more of a personal issue, and the building is a listed builidng, so prone to holes in floorboards, walls, etc!
Well ask the owner of the tanning salon what her planning permission allows her to do (don't go to the Council without his /her permission). If you are covered within the terms of planning there isn't a huge amount she can do - it would be like her complaining about the smell of a chip shop if she lived above one - but they have the planning to do it!

She does sound like a reasonable person though from your second post. Why not chat to her and just say that you don't want to upset the neighbours so any advice she can give from her professional capacity that you would be more than welcome.

I can't really help on the issue of l&p odours as I am a gel girl which is odourless. There have been quite a few posts about reducing odours to a minimum so if you do a search then you should find them.
Any one else got any advice for me?
I have an inhouse salon.. a room i have set up that during the day when the kids are school i work out of.. I am concious of the smell as i dont want to expose my kids to anything...
Everytime i do an enhancement i put any rubbish/waste straight into a zip lock bag, make sure its closed all the time.. To save money i empty the zip lock bag in wrapped newspaper and then dispose of in an outside bin.. Then re-use the bag within an inch of its life..I have a dappen dish with Lid like you.. and since i have been working cleaner ( wiping the brush as little as possible.. disposing of waste immediatly) and keeping my room really well ventilated, I have had no trouble with smells..

Fumes tend to linger.. in cramped high places.. (like stairwells) You could slip an air freshener in the stairwell.. put a few drops of strong oil around the place.. mask the smell a bit..
Keep her on side.. I mean.. it isnt the nicest smell.. (although i like it)
Catch more flies with honey as they say!!

You can get lamps that evaporate the smell.. but i dont use one so i couldnt comment on how good they are..
We've had a couple of EHO's contact us over the past year or so, mainly when smells etc are going into food shops next door to salons. A couple had complaints from neighbours in shopping malls too.
An extraction ventilation system should sort the porblem out. Its really no different than if she were to live above a curry house.

Extract! If you can't, a solution such as Purex would be your next best option.

All of the other things I would have suggested you seem to have already done!

Good luck
:irked: oh i totally feel for you ,i used to use a adcola filter when i had a home nail salon but due to smell etc i decided i would go mobile my husband couldnt take it any more .
I also , Like the geek master feel you have covered every avalible option to you except ventilation

I wish you all the best of luck with this problem i hope you sort it , i really do :cry:

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