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Jun 4, 2004
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Hi Peeps,

Now I've decided against the dreaded E-nails course I'm exploring other possibilities and came accross the Essentials nails course ( Home Learning )

Any Comments on it ?

Due to being a stay at home mum who doesn't drive and lives in the sticks I need either a home learning course or one held over a one week period ( Near Manchester )

Thanks Aine
hi Aine,

Glad you saw sense about E-Nails LOL.

The Essential Nails Home Learn courses are a good way of getting you into nails as you can learn at your own speed and you have the video and can practice in your time rather than when only in the class time. They are reasonably priced for what you get. In your situation I think this would be an ideal course for you to start with.

However if you decide after the course that nails are definately for you then I would advise a one to one or a class room based course as a follow up to get someone to see what you are doing and give you feedback.
i am currently doing the essential nails home learn course but its on hold at the moment as i have enrolled on a star nails course as i found the home learn wasnt enough you deffinately need some class room situation stuff.

I too live in the sticks and it takes me and hour and a half to get to sallys where i am doing my star nails course.

I found that homelearn is great but sometimes you want to say look at how i am doing this or can you watch me but there is noone there. They have a website forum but it takes a few days to get a reply.

I am going to finnish my gel home learn course but after i have done my acrylic course with satr nails. Then i will go on Creative Course when i can get time away from home. At the moment star nails and essential nails are filling my thirst for nail courses.

Think long and hard about what to do because i think looking back i should have gone to Creative first then i wouldnt have needed the other 2 courses which have cost me more than the creative on would have. You really need to do your homework on which course will be best in the long run (Creative has much more back up and customer care and a dedicated team) i rung there acadamy and spoke to a lovely lady who told me everything i wanted to know it was just to far away for me at this time of year but boy have i regreted not going.
Thanks Fiona,

That's good news for me I wouldn't consider it without good feedback from you guys.

I think it probably is best, and I will be back for more advice on other courses If I get on Ok.


i did the home learn course for Air brushing and found it very good. Good value as well because of the nail trainer.

Another option would be training with NSI as they have tutors which come to you. I have just had a one to one with Amber and it was great, now started advertising and building a client base. wouldnt have felt happy before my one to one
st_Catherine said:
Now I've decided against the dreaded E-nails course I'm exploring other possibilities and came accross the Essentials nails course ( Home Learning )
I'm wondering what the 'dreaded E-nails course' is? - I've missed something here!
Hi Debz here, am new to site so please bear with me.
I'm doing an essential nail course just now as am in same single parent position, I'm really enjoying it and the fact that I can do it when kids in bed is even better!
You can go at your own pace and keep going over it without experienced tutors breathing down your neck tutting if you don't grasp it first time!!!!
I think its well worth a try and the added bonus is that you can experiment with all aspects of nails from home because you already have the basic kit!
God I sound like a real geek now!!!!
Anyway, good luck with whichever course you choose.

I live in Spain and did alot of research about nail courses on the internet that my head was reeling! Saw the E-nails course on their website (and was tempted by the price), but realistically a 2 day course just didn't seem enough time for me to learn anything! Came across the UK Creative Nail Design site and was blown away by their Education page and how much care and thought had gone into presenting this. To cut a long story short, I rang their training centre in Leeds and told them I was willing to travel up to the UK for the 4 day course, but was told I could be taught by an Educator in Spain! I have since done the 4 day course (in Spain) with an excellent Spanish CND tutor and really am pleased that I did my research on the internet. Wouldn't go with anyone arranged to do the CND Spa Manicure course!
The Essential Nail Home Learn Courses are great but I've been at mine for a year this week!

You really need to be motivated! I've just given myself a big kick up the bum this week to get going with it.

In hindsight if I'd know about the Creative Courses I would have done that rather than the Home Learn Course. I feel I'm stuck in a wee world of my own and no-one to talk too (apart from this website)!
I started out with essential nails it is a great way to learn and in your own time (especially with our lovely children) you learn at your own pace, the video with Gina is very informative and the products are good to work with (the brush was the only thing l changed)

I would never have got through my acrylic exam if it wasn't for the course. class it as a stepping stone.

You will enjoy it and have fun learning.
i also agree i have just started the acrylic course iv just swapped the video for a dvd so i dont have to watch it in living room i put it into the computer which is in my salon room
I'm also doing and Essentail Nail course at the moment (the gel course), and i feel like it is a very good course. Gina is very dedicated and explains everything very carefully, but sometimes i feel like i miss someone looking at the way i do thing and helping me all the way. But since i live in the south part of Portugal i didn't found many option too. I figued that it was probably the best way to start, and then i could travel a little and maybe have some other courses if i can find any.
I did all of my inital training with Essential nails, and then further product related training. Airbrushing, Gel, Acrylic Tip and o'lay, and Acrylic Sculpt and maintenance. Took me 6 months start to finish. I was doing it all day though as I was housebound on crutches for that year. That was how I got into the industry, I thought it would be a good hobby and would kill my boerdom at home all day. Two years on and I have just opened my salon. So the training cant be bad.

Best of luck
hi i did the essential nails airbrushing course and that was good, i think they are good if you have kids coz u can fit it in round them(if your not too shattered) lol , i also did my l&p training with creative and they were brill, but i think as a start they are great courses, but you will probably feel like you want some classroom based learning at a point later on when you have got to grips with it , good luck and enjoy love dee
Hi All,

Thanks so much for all your input.

I finally decided on the Essential Nails home learn course, mainly due to being able to do it at my own pace.

It arrived today and I'm very excited about getting started.

I do plan on Doing a CND course sometime in the future also !!

I'm sure I'll be back here soon asking for advice !!

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