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Sep 20, 2012
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South Africa
For all you nail tech/beauty therapists out there. I want to expand my nail business out into the beauty therapy side as well. What courses do you recommend I do first? I currently work in a salon (rent a chair) that has 2 therapists who do everything except eyelash extensions so I thought instead of trying to compete with them I should do that along with tinting. What would people's advice be on the direction I should go. Thanks in advance for your time

I think you should do something you have an interest in. If you like the sound of offering eyelash extensions and think you would enjoy doing them, then go for it. Until recently, I only offered natural nail treatments but now I have added an eyebrow treatment (similar to HD brows). I personally think that nails, eyebrows, eyelashes and tanning go quite well together. HTH x
I was in this position last year and trained in other areas but can honestly say check to see what is popular in your area first and go from there. But as the other poster said make sure it's something you have an interest in also.

IMO the most popular treatment besides nails is spray tanning. I love the instant results how easy it is and how my clients love the range xxx
HTH xxx

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