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Feb 20, 2016
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Hi, I did some express lashes yesterday and the client has told me that she woke up with some on her pillow and in her sink. She did say she wiped her eyes with something but didn't touch her lashes but may have caught some on the cotton wool. I feel awful and said I would rectify but she has said no.

I use the same glue on these as I do with individual so I don't know what's happened
Maybe she got them wet not long after leaving you.
Could have used a cleansing product which could have loosened the lashes.
Could be the way she sleeps.

Who knows.
Might not necessarily have been anything you did.
You offered to rectify and she said no. I wouldn't worry too much. x
If you leave clients with a care card and they've signed a release form I would not be offering to rectify at your expense- you lose a lot of money. Trust me you don't want to cater for clients who don't look after their lashes and are always wanting you to touch them up.
If no other clients that day experienced the same thing then it wouldn't be you or your glues fault. So long as you keep your glue healthy and change it regularly you can rest easy.

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