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Jan 12, 2003
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Would like to be able to offer a more temporary nail for the one off client, ie. I'm going out Saturday night would like to have beautiful nails but cannot keep them when I go back to work.

Ideally I would like to be confident that they will last for 1-2 days at least. I did use to offer just applying tips, blend them in and then apply a polish, but was not convinced they would allow a client the generosity of remaining in place if said client were to wash her hair!!

I have got the new fabric# by Designer Nails - can I go over the nails with some resin to give some additional strength?

Thanks guys, Adele
I do tips and then apply about two to three layers of resin (I use backscratchers brush on stikr sprayed with kikr) Then buff them up and poof! They have fab party nails, and my brides have worn them safely through one week honeymoons as well as some of my older gals making it fine with them for one week cruises!
NSI have some pre-designed tips. you don't blend them as they're clear, you just adhere & then put 1 coat of clear gel, or l&p over them.

if you go to their site they show some designs there. if you order on line, then the access pasword & user name is 'elation' for both.
You do not need to look any further than fabric#. And YES you can go over the tips with Bond, Build and then Boost and you will have a very strong nail that will stand up to most things. Prep as normal and you will find they last longer than you ever thought, sometimes till the tip grows off. :!:
Have fun!
I have a policy of not applying nail enhancements on clients under 16. Would you consider doing party/special occasion nails as the same thing or would you be happy to offer this to an under 16 (with parents consent of course).

Look forward to hearing your replies
Little girls of today are big girl consummers of tomorrow!
And little girls love playing with their nails and nail art and all that sort of stuff.

I know several techniicians who do birthday parties etc and do little facials and nails and makeup etc. BIG hit. Nice little niche market that can bring in good returns.

Enhancements no. tips and nail art etc. a big YES. :p
Sorry Geeg, can you just clarify that a bit for me (dizzy blonde :trashed: ).

No to enhancements (yep, got that bit)
yes to tips.....................(do you mean apply tips, blend and apply Bond, Build and Boost?)

Exactly so.

Apply a tip and use your 3 resins to make a nice smooth result.
As for blending ... if you use the clear tips from Creative (there are 3 types Velocity, formation and Eclipse) you do not need to blend at all. very quick for party nails. Your going to cover them with enamel and nail art right? Or even a french. So easy peasy!
Eesh...........thanks very much

Dellie :trashed:
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