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Sep 9, 2010
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Hi all,
I'm having a mini breakdown tonight, so I thought I'd come here to vent it so my poor partner doesn't have to suffer me;)
I have been importing and testing hair now for just over a year, and its DRIVING ME NUTS.
I have tried, it feels like hundreds, of different hairs & suppliers and I haven't found anything I'd be happy for my clients to wear. All I'm looking for is personal use for MY clients....why is it so hard!
I understand everyone gets a bit precious when they have good information regarding this, but any advice, tips, experiences or magic tip offs would be very appreciated. I'm getting to the end of my tether!

I would love to import my own hair, but with the industry bring full misleading grades ect its really hard, my sister goes to work in indian every year, I asked her to get my some hair so I could test it out, she came back with a small weft that came from china I was gobsmacked that she couldn't get any indian hair. I think you need to ask lots of questions. Wish you luck x

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