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Jul 20, 2013
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Morning geeks ! So I'm qualified in micro rings and pre bonded hair extensions.
This is my first enquiry on Afro Caribbean hair. Client is dying her hair all black this weekend and has asked me to fit micro rings.
Her hair is quite long already and she hasn't had it relaxed in 7 years (even then she did it once)

Can anyone tell me If they fit micro rings on this type ofhair ? Xx



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Someone better qualified could probably advise on micros although I would assume that its fine as long as the hair is relaxed and matches well with the extensions.

I have personally only fitted shrink tubes on afro hair and was advised on training that the sectioning is different as you take rectangles rather than horse shoe shapes or whatever you have been trained to do.

Hope you get some answers from someone regarding micros!
50/50 really but Yes you can. If that makes sence lol
you'll have to wait a week after relaxing to give the hair chance to settle
And maintenace more often than what you would european hair to prevent 'matting' due to the regrowth- (the hair being a tight curl in texture.)
Be aware afro carribean needs moisture so warn your client that some bonds will slip due to the oil based products they will be using. Im guessing micro method will only be good for 2-3 weeks til there ready to be redone again for maintence. Thats why sew-in is so popular.
**Do Not repeat Do Not relax with the Bonds in for who ever reads this!!**
As the relaxer might get trapped inside the bonds and can cause some serious damage
Thank you ! Very informative :)
I will let the client know all this on consultation and make her aware of maintenance etc ! Thanks again x
For a natural looking result you will need to select a hair texture that matches Afro hair such as a high quality Yaki hair ( which mimics Afro texture )

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