Extensions on lady undergoing chemo


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
One of my regulars hasn't been for a bit as sadly she was diagnosed with cancer (breast). She has had it removed and is undergoing chemo in January. She's asked for a new set of acrylics as soon as I can fit her in ...

I haven't come across this before ... Is there any reason why it wouldn't be ok? Tia x
Sorry to hear that. I have a close friend who is in remittance from breast cancer. Whilst she was having treatment (chemo & Herceptin) she was told not to have anything at all on her nails during treatment. For insurance purposes you may need a Drs letter, so I would check with your insurer.
Most of the people I know who have had chemo have suffered from onycolysis, so I would probably advise against overlays or extensions. I'd be reluctant with gel polish too, just because you can't see what's potentially going on underneath. Manicure and polish yes, pretty and pampered yes, extensions no :(
People who have chemo ...there nails drop out I have a friend who has had cancer 2 times and her nails fell out...due to it being the same as hair....also if they have had cancer they may be advised not to have massages...[emoji20] x
I've messaged her. She's going to check with her doctor and hopes to get a dr's note

Thank you so much xx

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