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Mar 30, 2003
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I didn't want to start this with ' I have a client who.... ' but how else is there to explain? Anyway, this client likes her whites really long, and she manages her nails exceptionally well with rarely any breaks. Personally I don't think they look that attractive as there is far more white than pink, and it makes them look tip heavy - but she loves them so I suppose that's the main thing. My problem is I'm finding it difficult to apply the white really well. I can't take a bead big enough so have to use more than one - should I be starting with the smile line then add another bead in the middle of the tip and smooth to the free edge? Or should I start with a bead nearst the free edge of the tip and work in 4 zones? I have tried both methods, but can't seem to get it feeling right each time? I would say starting with the smile line is best but sometimes when I add the next bead it ends up looking a bit grey towards the tip cos there's not enough, but they need to be thin too!!!! Someone has suggested white tips, but I don't see how this will help as I'll still have to apply white, and what happens at rebalancing? Any suggestions - greatfully received.
Well Using white tips is an easy way to eliminate the grey areas. BUT ...

You still have to use Perfect White Powder over the white tip in order to maintain the Forever French look.

When I have done this procedure on a 'long white' (and most of the time I sculpt them) I start at the smile line as I always do. I use a pretty large bead and 'work it out as far as I can, tapering as I go. If I need more product to make the nail longer, I add another bead to the tip and taper from both ends (both into the old product and toward the free edge) until I reach the desired length.

There are of course many methods to try and the one that works the best for you is the one to go for.
just wondered if fabric# product whiter than white could be used here? What do you think geeg?
Ella you are so smart!!

You indeed can use 'More Than White' to create a white french tip under any acrylic product be it liquid and powder, gel or wraps.

For those who just can't create a great smile line with white powder ... now you can just paint it on.

SOOOO quick & easy to maintain too.
to create a longer nail bed? Is it available in the UK yet? I don't even know if it's available here at my local distributor or not but it is available some places in the US and techs there have been using it.

Might be an another answer to your dilemma :)

Yes flawless pink is available in the UK from the Creative Nail Design network of distributors.
hiya claire, as laura said, the new flawless pink powder may help you in this situation.
i posted about it the other day, under the heading "NEW flawless pink powder". read it & c what u think.
this will extend her nail bed, then the white wouldn't need to b so long.
lol liza xx
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