Extralite portable massage couch


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Jul 17, 2007
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Hi, sorry dont know how to put a link up

Does anyone have a Extralite Portable Massage Couch or has used one?

Would you recommend this couch for mobile work?

how much does it weigh?
i like the look of that, good price as well

mines has wooden legs so its probably nearly double the weight but it is very comfy
Hi, sorry cant open that linkk up, but I think it is on their site as well

It weighs 10Kg, it says it can take up to 23 stone. but is portable

I have got that bed - it is exactly half the weight of my old one which I used to carry around! I do like it for that reason, but not that keen on the backrest- it is quite flimsy and reminds me of a deckchair back.The top of this catches the back of clients heads as not very high...but easier for me!
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to be honest, i dont think i have ever used a couch with the backrest bolt upright, so i think that sounds ideal!
I have got the REM Airlite Couch too and it is light enough to be portable and also it is very good quality and comfy.:)

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