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Gill Bailey

Dec 15, 2004
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Just wondered if anyone can advise who does one day training sessions in eyelash tinting? - I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire so would need to go somewhere local.

Have contacted Sallys and they say they haven't anything lined up for the new year. Dennis Williams doesnt seem to advertise any training on their site & when I have asked there before they take my no. and never call me back!
I know exactly how to do this tinting but obviously for insurance purposes would not attempt to do any tinting without having the certificate.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, I have had to turn away a couple of people because I can't officially do it.
Hi Gill,

If you take a look at the Training Directory on Beautyguild.com you will find a list of Guild accredited courses. You can search by postcode to find the course that is closest to you.
Hi Gill you can do one day training for this at picasso's academy in Wakefield, i will find the number for you and come back to this post :hug:
ok hun i have found the number now, it is 01924 369 344 if you phone it is sue that you need to speak with hth
Thanks to you all for replying to me on this! Really apologise for the late response but my email has been down at home since 17th when you replied to me (it still isnt up yet) so I'm writing this from work! I'm going to try out your suggestions so am keeping my fingers crossed.

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