eyebrow shaping?????


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May 18, 2010
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I qualified as a Itec Beauty Therapist last year and have been doing the occasional waxing and facials.
I want to offer eyebrow shaping, but my confidence in this is not good, after having a small accident with a friend.
How can i build up my confidence, as i have had a few people asking me.
I want to be able to wax eyebrows. I feel confident in everything else i do.
Where can i get a 2nd hand roll on waxing kit from as well?
Sometimes, if your confidence is that low, its worth saving and paying for a course that will help you over that hurdle.
I was lacking in confidence and saved to go and do courses with Kim Lawless. I did intimate, speed & Brows. Best money I spent! I now LOVE waxing and Brows is the one I love the most!!
Its worth it to do these courses, it makes us professional!
Good Luck xxx
hi, i have both pot wax and roller, but i find i get a more accurate touch using a small orange stick. going little by little near the brow..i find the roll on wax is ok for larger areas. guess its just practise. xx
No matter what job you do, you will have good days and bad days. Everybody makes mistakes, just try your best to learn from them. The top therapists will have had accidents too. Don't let it get you down, if you feel unsure about waxing eyebrows then if you have a friend that is also qualified you could ask them to supervise and talk you through a couple of practice waxings. I'm sure you will be fine! Do you know what went wrong last time?

All treatments need a lot of practice before you get them perfect :)
It happened when i was training, i put the wax strip on and rubbed it a little too much and took away more eyebrow then needed.
It was only a small amount though as was on another student!
A course is a good idea, i think i might look into that as well.
Thanks :)
I wouldn't worry too much about that, loads of people make the same mistake when they start waxing.

You could comb the hairs upwards before applying the wax so that you don't get it on the ends of the hairs you don't want to remove. Also, like jenniferlouise said, using an orange stick can be a bit easier to apply. And try to apply the wax as thinly as possible so that it doesn't spread when you put the wax strip on.

You will soon learn a technique that works for you, if you feel you need to do another course then go for it. But I think you need to regain your confidence asap, as the longer you leave it, the harder it will be.

You will definately get the hang of it, stick in there and you will be waxing perfect eyebrows in no time :)
eyebrows can be a bit daunting as they are a very important part of your clients face, always beter to take away less and have to remove more, that too much, so just take most of what you want to remove witht he wax and then tweexe the rest, as you do more your skill and confidence will grow, and without even realising you will get better and better. Also if you are really fretting over a set of eyebrows, have an eyebrow pencil to hand, you can darken the area you want to leave with the pencil, and then remove the surrounding area's?? good luck, stick in there you will be great before you know it!! hth x
Sometimes it takes years to perfect a technique thats good for you. Now i prefer good old wax pot with a smaller spatula. i find testing yourself on a hairy arm repeativly whilst getting the hang of your spatulas, really does help!(maybe an eyebrow shape - wax it off later!) but dont make it lack your confidence, you'll get people that will move, chat away, squint their eyes, be sensitive to a certain wax...its all trial an error sometimes! see how you get along hths xoxo

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