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Apr 17, 2015
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Hi, I am new to eyelash extensions. I wasn't given much information regarding infills. I wasn't to ask how do you infill? Do you remove lashes with remover or just using the tweezers to get them off? How do you cleanse the lashes before re applying? What do you use?

Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance
I wouldn't recommend just using tweezers as you could potentially damage the natural lash! Using a glue remover is best as its safe and easy. I personally use lashbase products so I have there glue remover and primer. Works perfectly for me!
That's great thank you. Iv heard different methods from other people and wasn't really sure what was for the best. I trained with lashbase products but was never taught to use a primer. But I definitely want to use one as Iv heard they last longer.

Can I ask how you cleanse the lashes before applying a full set and the infills.and what it is you use?
Hi Jodie, I find that when you're doing infills, a good brush through at the start can help remove any loose lashes. If you still need to remove some tatty ones I personally use tweezers. Just make sure you hold the natural lash really firmly with one set of tweezers then use your other set to hold the SP lash at the base. It should ping off quite easily if it's already started to come off.

Use remover for any stubborn ones as you don't want to damage the natural lash as Mimi said. If I need to do this, I lift up the lash in question and pop a really thin strip of micropore tape under it. This protects all other lashes as you don't want to risk getting remover on them. Once off, definitely use primer to make sure the lash is thoroughly cleansed of remover.

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