Eyelash perm carried on developing?


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Aug 14, 2007
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south west
I had a client in yestaday for a eyelash perm, they did take but I could tell she was expecting more of a dramatic curl...
a tan,manciure and pedicure later I was about to offer to reperm them before doing this I gave her the mirror and she said oh they look alot more curled now..and I have to admit you could def see the difference

so the only thing I can think of is maybe I didnt remove all the product after? but saying that I did go over them throughly so im not sure

but it saved the day anyhow! :green:

also I know its the smaller the rod the tighter the curl , but i had to use the largest roller because her lashes were longish but straight , I put on the medium first but the lashes just wouldent attach even with the glue so had to swap to large - would you of done any different?

it shouldnt have carried on taking if you had neutralised it hun ,maybe once they had dried you could see better do you think ?

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