Ezflow education dvd now in america


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawsdee ka

I see today have ezflow education dvd in america them just bring out now .

It have eduction for traditional applications & pink and whites & boogie nights & colors and glitters & nail art .

Have promotion this month is 14.99 american dollar about 8 england money .

I speak about this because i know have some techs like the boogie and color powders same me .

I see www.eznails.com

Mui from the land of smiles
Hi Khun Mui,

Please check with David de Rijke on [email protected] for anything you want to buy for EzFlow products in Thailand We distribute EzFlow products in Thailand for 3 years already and have branches in BAngkok, Chiang Mai and even Phuket
sawasdee ka david and sylvia how are you

where is the office in phuket and do you have the dvd or not .

And can i have discount :D

Thank you mui from Thailand
Hi Khun Mui,

Dvd can be ordered with us in Bangkok just call me. Office in Phuket not open yet but will around end of June in the mean time just call me.

DvD is free for EzFlow members, you can become one by taking one of our courses, after that all promotional material is free of charge. CD's DvD' product guides and Posters.

Are we going to see you in June on the seminar?


Greetings to all and have fun tonight in the Safari

David and Sylvia :cool:
sawasdee ka david and sylvia

I read b4 for june seminar you have to have certificate ezflow already .

Now i have spend a lot of money in my salon i have 20 new acrylic brushes from america today for another salons in phuket .

I await my creative spa products and my ezflow products and color powders i already have salons to buy from me .

B4 i did not know you come with your buisness to phuket to sell i think for education i already do my price flyer for ezflow products and have orders for cheaper then u sell .

You can speak me in june number 8 maybe you have problem sell in phuket because b4 we go speak every body to buy from us and have orders .

Mui from the land of smiles
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