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Apr 28, 2003
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This is my first post, although I've been lurking for months. Lurking because I felt like a freak, why? Because despite doing a creative foundation course back in March, I just couldn't get the hang of L&P (and I've followed every hint and tip going), but to no avail, boo hoo. Anyway decided yesterday to buy a fabric starter kit from OSNS Salisbury (v nice place!) And had a go, and no longer feel like a freak because I can do it! Woo hoo!

I had read good things about fabric from this board, but it still didn't prepare me for how fantastic it is, for the first time in months my nails look good! It is so easy to use and quick too, this product couldn't be better if it washed your dishes and picked the winning lottery numbers for you!

It feels good to be a geek and not a freak! I would encourage anyone to have a go with this stuff, it really is the best.

hi debbie welcome to the board :D good for you babes thats great news ;) it makes such a difference, before you know it you will be filled with renewed confidence and have another bash at L & P
Sawasdee ka debbie

Welcome i am not a geeg she do nail many year i am not a master Geek or a ruth or liza before i worry too much but i make learn everyday and i will be doing nail same them for sure i know learn everyday and make practice and for sure you can do take some time and keep look every thing and learn .

Kop khu ka mui ka
Hi Debbie and welcome to the site ... officially!! :D

Fabric# is the perfect alternative for those who struggle getting to grips with Liquid and Powder. Not everyone is suited to it. It does not make you a freak. Now there is an alternative for people like you, to do gorgeous nails that are as strong and as beautiful as any Liquid and Powder system. It does not make you a 2nd class nail technician because you prefer to use Fabric# ... ask Ruth????

Enjoy moving onwards now and as Nicola says, you may one day tackle L&P again with renewed interest and more confidence.
Hi ya babe,
Just because L&P isn't for you it doesn't make you a bad Tech...........

I have been a Fibreglass/Gel Tech for more then a decade..........
Faye for about 5 years soon
never had the urge until this year to master L&P......Doesn't make us a freak ...........

Fabric# came along and oh boy did it rock our nail world............Not just mine, Faye's too.......
But funny enough , it also made us want to learn more and so we did the creative thing and went L&P.............

You will find that once you have mastered this system, after a while you will take L&P by the scruff of the brush and I bet it will be a different experience all together...........

We dont offer L&P in our Salons due to health and saftey issues, but we dont care so much anymore................

We can make Fabric# look like L&P and have Competiton Score sheet to prove this lol............ Ask Geeg???

My daughter Faye and I have been competiting this year at Excel and Manchester with the Fabric# System and got some great results..........
Virgins Me 3rd and Faye 9th
then Virgins Faye 2nd and me major competition 5th............
So here is looking at first place at some point!!!!!!

So there ya go babe...............
and welcome to the coolest board in the world xxxxxxxx

Sometimes it is best of be master of one than jack of all!

I could not get on with L & P when I was at college :( - the girls could not understanding how easy I picked up firbeglass! :D

Firebglass is a lot more fiddly than L & P which I think does frustrate technicians.

Why not try Gel? I use that instead of L & P and it is great.

If you don't want to give up on L & P practice, practice, practice on your nail trainer, it is sooo patient you can take as long as you like :D

Good Luck!

Lynn 8)
Actually, I do not agree at all that Wraps are 'fiddly'!!

If you are taught correctly, they are not fiddly at all and are completed in the same normal time span as any other enhancement system.

Fabric# is stronger than most Gels and will be suitable for more clients and less problems.
geeg said:
Actually, I do not agree at all that Wraps are 'fiddly'!!

If you are taught correctly, they are not fiddly at all and are completed in the same normal time span as any other enhancement system.

Fabric# is stronger than most Gels and will be suitable for more clients and less problems.


I could not agree more!!!! I find it easier to use Fabric than L & P! :D

What I meant was - when I was training, there were more people in the class that preferred to do L & P because the fabric was fiddly for them and I think when you first start training and until you get used to the Fabric, then it can become fiddly.

And, about not being trained properly, you could be right. There are quite a few nail bars that I have been into or checked out, do not do Fabric, why? when you are a nail technician it takes patience and maybe some technicians want the easiest and quickest option. :rolleyes:

Everyone is different and I think most technicians have a favorite overlay system ;)

I know what mine is!

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, I know from reading the posts on here for months, that there is a mine of information and support here. I suppose it was silly to feel like a freak just because I couldn't get the hang of L and P, if everyone did the same thing there wouldn't be any variety, and that as they say is the spice of life!

Who knows, maybe some day I'll have a go with the L and P again, but for now I just want to concentrate on getting really good with the fabric. I am glad I did my foundation course though as I feel it's given me a good grounding into the nail anatomy, blending tips, safety aspects etc etc.

So thanks again everyone, I will enjoy picking your brains!

Fabric# was only launched a bare 6-7 months ago.

The ones who are using it love it.

Everyone new to any system finds it awkward at first until they establish a routine. Some do run back to their 'comfort zone' rather than persevere for a little time until they get up to speed.

The ones who are experiencing problems are the ones who have not taken a class with a bonifide educator and learned all the cool tricks the product has to offer.

We have had NO negative feedback on the system at all - which is amazing. Any 'problem' comments are due to lack of training with the product.

A little more time, and you will see fabric# eating up the wrap market as more and more technicians find out about it and then DO something about it! ;) Glad you like it.

is this "Fabric" a product from creative?? Is it the thing with Resin and Fiberglas(?).
Or what is it??

Yes is this product from creative and do creative do courses I would be really interested to know about it. I use L&P from creative Gel from NSI but havent settled for a good fibre system and would be interested in some ones opinion to which they prefer ?
If you search for Fabric# on this site, you will find over 200 posts about the product. Enjoy the reading.
So far I have never read a negative comment about the system. It is fantastic.
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