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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi All,

Well at last i have recieved my fabric kit and cant wait to use it, but before i do i was just wondering if anyone has any tips/comments/hints etc to help me when using it. I have received the instructions which i will read and take onboard but thought id ask for all your proffessional opinions to. Also i have two clients Monday who require this treatment one whom will just reuire a natural nail overlay anyone used fabric forthis!

I thankyou all in advance,

Love Lou xxx :D
Fabric# is the perfect system for a natural nail overlay but to ensure success, make sure the fabric extends a little bit beyond the natural nail free edge.

This will protect the natural nail and the product from splitting if the nail encounters an impact or stress at the free edge.
Hi Louise,

Don't forget to let us all know how you get on with Fabric.

I can't wait to start using it myself.

Hi all,

Just thought id drop you a line to let you know how i went on with the fabric kit. It was my first attempt to use it last night on two clients and they looked fantastic my clients and myself where pleased!

I found all the products easy to use and they went on so smoothly (cant believe how i managed without it beforehand) you certainly realise how maybe other companies don't offer you the same quality! So in all it gets a massive 10/10 from me!

Just got the infills to do in 2 weeks time, i persume that you apply in the same way you do for any fibreglass infill, but if anyone could clarify this for me i would be very grateful!

Lou xxx :D
Hi Lou,

So glad (but not surprised) you loved Fabric#!! It has been designed to make life easier for the nail technician and to be STRONG and beautiful.

If you will pm me with your email address, I will be happy to send you the rebalance instructions for Fabric# asap.
hi, i went on my fabric conversion yesterday and i too im 100% pleased, the nails were the best ive done, they looked so natural........i love it!!! more than L & P im afraid...........
just cant wait for this new product to enable us to do french silks comes out now.......a lady did put a set of french tip silks on and they looked gorgeous.........if i did that at the mo i would be able to do the rebalance would i?
i need to know how to do the rebalance too coz we wasnt told...Vicx 8)

I have my first set of Fabric wraps to do this weekend but I'm also a bit unsure of the rebalance technique :? . Any advice, please?


Shaza :)
Here are the rebalance techniques for Fabric# wraps.


There are two types of Rebalance when maintaining a wrap.

The “Problem Free” Rebalance and
The “Curative” Rebalance

A normal appointment is usually a mixture of both! Each nail must be considered separately. Is it ‘problem free’ OR will you have to ‘cure’ a problem?

Clients who are always experiencing problems with their enhancements are seldom long-term clients.

At every appointment, the technician should be maintaining the enhancements with a mind towards preventing future problems. Prevention will help to avoid the situation whereby every appointment is about curing problems.

If the client returns to the salon in a timely manner with her nail enhancements intact and with no problems, then it is normally only necessary to ‘re-seal and glaze’ at the first and every other subsequent appointment.

‘Re-wrapping’ to maintain strength over the stress area should only be necessary at every other Re-balance appointment.

Whether one is ‘re-glazing’ OR ‘re-wrapping’, the guidelines below should always be followed.


1. Remove any enamel.
2. Assess each and every nail, zone by zone, and be VIGILANT.

Zone 1:

ü Watch for any separation along the sides or end of the tip extension.

ü Look at how the length or direction of nail growth has changed.

ü Look for any cracks or breaks.

ü Check side view to see how far the ‘apex’ has grown out.

Zone 2:

ü Check to see if there is lifting at the sidewall.

ü Check for any cracks or breaks

ü Check carefully for ‘pocket lifting’, which can be caused by the nail being bent and the product popping off the nail plate, leaving a pocket. Pocket lifting appears to be a bit lighter in colour and to look like a large bubble under the overlay.

Zone 3:

ü Check for lifting

ü Observe the amount of new growth.

Each and every problem observed MUST be corrected during the rebalance.

3. Prepare The Nails For Rebalancing

a. Shorten the length of all nails and reshape.

b. Thin out the entire enhancement and

c. Thin out all the edges removing any small lifted areas with the file making sure the product left, is flush to the nail.

d. Make sure the grown out stress area has been thinned down sufficiently to re-build it.

e. If there is a crack - Thin all product around the crack and carve a ‘v’ into the crack to remove it, making sure you get right down to the nail plate.

f. If ‘pocket lifting’ is seen - Thin any area of ‘pocket lift’ until the separated product flakes away and a new seal is found.

g. Prepare the nail plate using the P.R.E.P. method and make certain that ScrubFreshÔ is concentrated around all the nail folds to eliminate any hidden oils and pathogens.

4. If the enhancement is ‘problem free, proceed as follows:


a. Using the brush-on ‘Bond’ – apply a thin coat over the entire enhancement re-sealing all edges including sides and the free edge of the tip. Let dry.

b. Using either brush-on or nozzle applicator, apply one coat of ‘Build’ and spray a fine mist of ‘Blast’ Activator to dry.

c. Apply a small bead of ‘Boost’ and use Boost Brush-on Activator to set. Remember to wipe the brush on a bit of terry towel before returning it to the bottle of Boost Activator.

d. Finish to a high gloss shine.


a. Using the brush-on ‘Bond’ – apply a thin coat over the entire enhancement re-sealing all edges including sides and free edge of the tip. Let dry.

b. Apply a strip of ‘Fabric’ wrap (either silk or fibreglass) from cuticle to tip.

c. Using the brush-on ‘Bond’ – apply a thin coat slowly and carefully over the fabric to make it disappear. Let dry for 1 minute.

d. Using either brush-on or nozzle applicator, apply one coat of ‘Build’ and spray a fine mist of ‘Blast’ Activator to dry.

e. Apply a small bead of ‘Boost’ and use Boost Brush-on Activator to set. Remember to wipe the brush on a bit of terry towel before returning to the bottle of Boost Activator.

f. Finish to a high gloss shine.


Did you know?

If the surface of the finished nail has any ‘low’ spots – one or two coats of ‘Boost’ will quickly even the surface and add high gloss shine. Using Boost reduces buffing time.

If you want maximum-strength wraps that are as strong as an acrylic liquid and powder enhancement, use ‘Bond’, ‘Build’ AND ‘Boost’. ‘Boost’ is the strength booster and nails will not be as strong without it.

Want your toenails or natural nails to look as smooth as enhanced nails? Just PREP and add one coat of ‘Bond’ and ‘Boost’. This will give a light weight coat that will make natural nails not only look fabulous BUT polish will last for weeks without wearing off.

Using Boost adds a permanent hard glossy shine that does not dull when enamel is removed.

Use the ‘Girlfriend’ three-way padded buffer to make your ‘fabric#’ wraps look like the finest crystal.
bit dissapointed today, 2 of my models nails have fell off, i applied fabric to her yesterday at my fabric conversion and today shes 2 down... :(
what do any of u suggest for more strengh? more build? gel overlay?
vicky :evil:
Well girls I gone and finaly done it....................
I got the Fabric# kit.................

As a user of the Fibreglass/Silk system for over 10 years I must say I am impressed................................
So easy to use...............
No more fiddling with the stress strips..........
Boost the stress area and bobs your uncle or boost is your aunt lol........

Just copied and pasted the rebalance info from Geeg, nice one love, just in time for me lol........

Well the nails look fab, I used the Fibreglass this time, but will use the Silk tomorrow for another set................
The Client was so pleased, no mesh to show through..................
Applications speed the same as usual, so even tho it looks lots of bottles and lots of steps it's not ......................

As for the nails falling off.....................
Did it come off clean, all product so to speak or did it break and left the overlay on the nail ????

If it came off clean , then I would think it didn't adhere well enough in the first place, product to close to the cuticles, can cause lifting and then pinging as it anchors to the skin rather then the nail plate, or the prepping.......
Or good old fashioned picking...............

If it broke,rather then just pinged off clear from the nail plate, then other factors should be considered......
Force, picking, not balanced well enough at the stress area...........
Or again good old fashion client finding a bit to pick on and going for the olympic gold in........see if I can get this off in one go............

Has this ever happend with other Fibreglass/Silk products????

Hope this sheds some light
Maybe Geeg has a few pointers for you............

love Ruth xxx
Part of the learning curve with any new product is that in becoming fluent with the system you may suffer a few minor disappointments.

Don't despair!! Could have been anything at this stage.

I always use 3-4 thin coats of BOOST!!

Sometimes I use 2 coats of BOND over the fabric!!

The cool thing about the Fabric# system is that there is no set rule of how to use it OTHER THAN --
BOND is for bonding and bonding the wrap onto the nail.
BUILD is the 'jam' in the sandwich.
And BOOST ... well BOOST is just awesome and gives a look that has a depth and beauty that to me is lacking in other systems.

You can customize the strength of the product to suit your clients' activity level without it taking ages and dozens of layers!

"Rome wasn't built in a day." There will be disappointments at first (like when we learn anything new). Get FLUENT with the system and that takes that old thing practice.

I have the highest respect for Ruth and her knowledge and experience with wrap systems. She will be our best guide and her positive outlook will help to encourage you along in the learning process.
Well here is an update on my Fabric fabrication lol.

Like Geeg says there are no fast and hard rules, on how to use this.......
This is how I used it and so far so good (thumbs, legs and toes crossed).

Prep nail, or as the new word is out, exfoliate the nail, sounds much nicer I thought..........thanks Geeg..........

2x Bond
1xFibre strip 2x Fibre strips if they are very heavy handed or if they have been changed systems over from arcylics. But thats just me.........or is it ???
2x Bond
1-2 x Build I only use the spray activator if the product needs it..........
I Boost the little beggars 3 x
I build that in a arch sort of way.........if that makes sense
each layer of boost is further away from the edge then the previous one...
something like this #=Boost


Excuse the rough guide here
This builds a sort of apex.............well it does in my mind.....and I dont argue with my mind as it has a mind of it's own................

So far so good, will let you all know how it goes after a week or so lol
LoveRuth xxxx
Do I have to be Creative trained to order the Fabric# Try Me Kit? How many sets would I get out of the Try Me Kit?

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see Sam demo this at GMEX last year and I must say it looked fab then....problem was I was still training with another company :oops: ...and had not realised until this board how good the product is :oops:
hi ya.........no u dont have to be creative trained to try fabric........i recently went on the fabric conversion day but previous to this i purchased the try me kit..........u can get it from both creative and ellisons......vicky
No girls you don't have to be creative trained, to try the Fabric# Kit..........
How many sets out of a trial kit....................
Well I have done 9 so far and still got loads left.............
So I will keep count...............

Love Ruth xxxx
No girls you don't have to be creative trained, to try the Fabric# Kit..........
How many sets out of a trial kit....................
Well I have done 9 so far and still got loads left.............
So I will keep count...............

I would just rather get my creative stuff from Creative rather then getting it from a secondary Retailer, as the product support comes with it........
Any questions and they will for shure know the answer, after all it's their new baby so to speak......Just a thought..........

Love Ruth xxxx
Great news :D

Ordering my Fabric# 'Try me kit' tomorrow....will let you know how I get on with it :)
hi girls
well not a good go with the fabric........i dont like the fibreglass at all......i prefer the silk........
but on the trainer hand they looked naff.......if it me or just the trainer hand..........?
to remove shine u use the koala dont u? then solar oil and koala? then girlfriend?
Hi ya girls
nailtiqe what was the problem with the fibreglass????
don't forget that the nailbed on the nail trainers is a coloured plastic pink, looks nothing like the natural nail bed........
I have found the Fibreglass pretty good, I have used it on all sorts of nations now, caribbean, indian and european, so every nail bed colour you could imagine...............

Have you had good results with other Fibreglass systems on the nailtrainer????

Did the fibres still show through????? Try 2x bond over the Strip ........bond is a very thin EC and will make the fibreglass invisible.

Then 2x build and then 2x boost.
It should be very clear then !!!!!!!

I am still using my run of the mill Files and buffers..........
So after I have used the build i tidy up the cuticle area and shape and file the nails.................Then boost it 2x and i find that the white buffing block finishes them off nicely....................
Then to glass shine them I use the 3 way buffer...................

Hope this helps a bit
love Ruth xxx
Let me know if this still doesn't do the trick, but also try it on a natural nail you might find that they look very different and absolutely stunning.
thanks hun, just printed that off and going to try it now, im doingit with white tips now......vicx
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