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Jan 11, 2003
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I have just started experimenting with fabric and will be booking a conversion training course. Until then could somebody kindly advise me why the fibreglass is not becoming invisible I seem to be using plenty of bond and applying it very slowly I have been using the ready cut f/g strips should I be using the one that originally came in the kit? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this sounds like a fantastic system
I don't know about 'ready cut' strips, (never used them) but I know it works with the fabric in the kit , which is a 50x50 weave high-quality fabric, with just the right amiount of adhesive. Sometimes certain makes have too much adhesive on the back of the strip, and this can cause an opaque look.

It is easy to cut your own strips and in my opinion less wasteful. So I would stick to the system and see how you go with that. It is also quicker if you cut all 10 strips at once and curve off all ten ends at once with your scissors. All that picking up and putting down wastes tonnes of time.

When you apply the BOND, work as you say you are doing, slowly and carefully, and rather than using a painting stroke, sort of pat or 'stipple' the BOND into the fabric as you move down the nail, so that you know that all the little perforations (reminds me of that Tea bag advert) get filled with BOND. When dry, do it again. In my opinion 2 coats work best for me.

Let us know how you get on. It should be crystal clear every time.
What order should f/glass be applied stress strip 1st or 2nd? and should we be activating in between each layer of f/glass? would you apply the strip on wet adhesive or apply strip and then adhesive? or could this be done either way the reason i ask is ive been taught one way but i have read tutorials that dont agree. :?

Each system varies.

For instance ... with the Fabric# system there is no need for a stress strip.

If you are applying a stress strip with your chosen system, it does not matter which order you apply it first or second.

You apply adhesive after the fibre, not before generally speaking. Never heard of it being done the other way.

Follow the steps for your chosen system. Fabric# is the brand name of the newest wrap system, not a general term for all wrap systems.
If you apply the fibreglass on wet resin two things can happen..........
Fibreglass has a sticky backing so it sticks do a smooth surface, dry surface...........

First point.........it will slip and slide and you wont get correct placement, if you didn't place the strip correctly how you going to peel it off and reapply another strip, it is already starting to absorb and dry?????.................
Sticky mess I should think lol
Second Point....you will get clouds, some area will saturate, but when it comes to smoothing it down, the whole lot will become a sticky mess and some will be half saturated but dry........
This makes hard work, harder then it needs to be ..............
just a thought
Love Ruth xxxxxx
Things are getting easier and easier thanks to all your advice!

Would you use activator between layers the answer to this queston could solve all my f/glass problems?

Thanks again
cristine :)
Just follow the instructions in the kit.

With the fabric# system you only activate once with the spray after applying BUILD.

BOND does not need activating.

BOOST is applied with a brush-on activator and is done for each layer.
hi again

i know this post was reffering to fabric but i have not been trained to use this but could you let me know if i would need to activate between layers of f/glass using resin?

this would be helpful to know
cristine :)
christine.. when i use fabrics, i first apply a layer of resin to the natural nails and spray. then if using a stress strip, i do that next, then another layer of resin. i don't spray b/c the fabric seems to soak it up and by time i'm done with all 10 nails, it pretty well set. next, i apply the strip that goes the full lenght of the nail, and resin it agian w/out spraying..same reason, as the fabric absorbs it pretty well. THEN, for each resin layer after, spray. this is just my technique, and it's worked pretty well so far!
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