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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
hi all,
I need help :huh: yeh always needed a bit upstairs lights on no one home syndrome :silly: however this time it is with my mother in law, I swear I will chop her hands off soon and replace them both with a nail trainer in stead they have less problems. :D

Ok I applied a nice new set of fabric enhancements a few days back, since then the right hand middle finger snapped, her own doing working to hard at the house work, der how stupid, anyway then yesturday her right hand index finger pinged off, it is a mystery to both my mother in law and I how this happened it has snapped jagged at the free edge, leaving some product still on the nail. I repaired this today for her only to find this evening she has managed to now split her thumb nail directly down the middle of her nail running horizontally from cuticle to free edge. :fire: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

yes for the love of god please someone take me away or her, lucky she has a great sense of humour and is not a paying client. I have applied these nails by the book following the instructions, pushed the cuticles back used cuticle remover, cleaned the nail dehydrated it taken the shine off, made 100% the tip is the correct size and if in doubt I always size a little larger and file down. I apply bond then place tip on blend bond and fabric and bond then build and blast then buff and boost then buff and shine and apply oil.

Help me please anyone or else the mother in law gets it :gun: I just cant cope with any more nails pinging, splitting, snapping or doing anything other than staying put. :rofl:

Thanking anyone in advance who can help

Grace x
Well love,
my first thought was incorrect tip size...............but you said you sized them correctly..... :D ...... second thought I had is.........does any scrubfresh get on the tip after blending and before bonding stage ???
Could be product brake down....... :oops: .......

But then I thought...... :idea: ...... how many coats of boost do you put on........???? Might try 3x boost.... :idea: ...if she is heavy handed this might do the trick!! :idea: !!!

The index finger sounds like good old fashion brakage........... it snapped, jaggered and product still on the nail plate......accident :rolleyes: .........

Nail enhancements are ment to brake if they come under to much pressure, if they didn't as in MMA strength, her whole nail would brake, leaving her with a sore bleeding nailplate.... :twisted: .............

She sounds an active lady, busy, hands on sort of person.... 8) .....
Try shortening the enhancements..........They might just be to long for her sort of active lifestyle.................Or does this happen to all your Fabric# clients???

:idea: You can also try a stress strip across the nail, covering the blending zone and then applying a full strip over that...then bond the two layers at the same time.................and proceed as normal , finishing with 3x boost.....

hope this helps a little
love Ruth xxx
HEHE I had exactly the same situation when I started doing nails. My mother in law insisted that I "Practice" on her". Don't get me wrong she saw and appreciated the improvement each time I did them.

What got me was that her nails kept coming off. once, twice a week even more and each time she would call and expect me to do the repairs/ replacements. I think she thought that a nail technician in the family was an excuse.

How did I get over this, easy.


That way she really started to look after her nails, took my advice on care and didn't use the nails as tools.

Guess what????

They stayed on after that. :D

Good point, freebies are rarely treasured, no offence to your mother in law...............
Maybe charge her a little, tell her it's to cover the cost for a new course and materials........troubleshooting Fabric# course, as there seem to be some problems there lol..............
They might last longer ???????????
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Try shortening the enhancements..........They might just be to long for her sort of active lifestyle.................love Ruth xxx

The moment I read your post Grace I thought 'sounds like they are too long for her' - try taking the length down - that is - before you :gun: her!! ;)
hey geeks thanks a million, yes I fear maybe they may be too long for her lifestyle, I had not really thought enough about this, they are not super long but long enough for problems when thinking about it, i would say the free edge is about half a cm in length.

She works in a doctors reception filing and doing very manual hand work really so yes it makes sense now, I will chop the nails down and try that before i chop her hands off perhaps :D

Thanks a million I will let you know how I get on she is returning tommorow
Thank you
Grace x
hey guys,
Thought I would give you a quick update with regards the mother in laws nails, well by the time she returned I had to replace 3 nails :( so I prepped 100% and then followed your advice applied tips and placed a stress tip over them and then followed the normal routine and built x 2 and boost x 3, oh and then filed them all down a tad.

Guess what? So far so good :thumbsup: cheers geeks, well it has now been 3 days and no phone call with nail sadness so I am thinking this has done the trick, she is away this weekend seeing her man so its fingers crossed until her return if they stick the weekend I know I have a major result and found the answer.

Grace x
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