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Feb 10, 2003
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I am sure I'm being really dim about this but here goes....

After I've applied the blob of boost I then used the brush from the activator to spread the blob and the brush went rock hard - doh!!!

I didn't put it back in the bottle before wiping it or anything silly - it just went hard as I was using it to spread the blob!

So I thought, must have been careless - so got little boy's plastic paintbrush and tried with that (well hey make do and mend!) - I really am sure that I didn't put it back in the bottle of activator before wiping it lots!!!
AND...it went hard.

OK I know why it went hard but how do I avoid it happening everytime? Should I have spread the blob with something else and then brushed over lightly to avoid the two products getting mixed? But it said in the instructions to spread the blob with the activator brush so I thought I was doing it right!

Any help/advice/suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated as I only have two more of my son's paint brushes left!

Ruthie :aww:
I also had exactly the same problem!

My brush actually went so hard that when I was wiping it all the hairs fell out so its now useless!

Cant work out what I did wrong as I was very careful (i thought) to wipe between applications.

Any helpful hints would be appreciated girls!
Yay - I really did think I was being dim!

The bristles of mine came out too, when I was trying to clean it off!

It so great to know I'm not alone!

Right girls...........

Before you place the bead of boost on the nail, make sure you have buffed the nail lightly............

So step by step
after bond and build...........

tidy up the edges of the nail and use koala to buff , this will take of any left over blast spray activator..........
Then use boost and boost activator............
The reason this happens is............build activator is of a higher strength, so even if a little bit is left on the plate it will mix with the boost on your brush before you can say........stick it down............

Hope this helps love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Remember that Fabric# is different to other wrap systems so dont assume that you know what you are doing even if you do with your present system.

The instructions are quite clear that after BUILD, you give the nail a light buff (just as Ruth says) before you go on to the last layers of BOOST. This light buff will remove any residue of spray activator so that your brush never comes into contact with it. Apply these layers quickly and wipe in between each layer (3 circles to the left and then 3 to the right on a lint free pad or a small square of old terry towel ... there is no need for your brush to EVER go hard if you follow the instructions to the letter ... then it will become 2nd nature and it will never happen again.
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