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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
can i order the sample/trail kit without being creative trained?
where can i purchase files and things website shop not working yet is it?
I believe its only the L&P you have to be creative trained to buy. Fabric# is not a creative product so you can buy it. There is a try me kit for £37.55 and all your files and other bits you can buy as well.
where from... anywhere online
I got my fabric# try-me kit last week and its great. I order all of my products by phone (0800 316 0213) but u need an ID number for this. If u order before 3pm they come next day - never been let down yet.
Hi girls and guys
if Fabric# isnt made by creative out of interest who does make it?
nickki jonesx
Fabric# is its own brand like NSI Creative OPI etc. It is DISTIBUTED by Designr Nails.
Cheers Geeg, I honestly thought it was made by designer nails............
Silly me just read the lable on the bottle and jumped to conclusions.......
Well anyway who ever made this stuff deserves a lot of credit .........
or the next best thing would be, give credit to the company that in their wisdom took it on board........................

Love Ruth xxxxxxxx
hi girls thanks ruth and geeg! so fabric# is made by fabric# but distributed by designer nails? bit slow on the uptake had a bad weekend :?
thanks for the help!
nickki jonesx
Njoy!!! Check out www.wrap-yourself.com - all info for the mo on Fabric! ;)
hi mrs geek like the new piccy! thanks for the Fabric# info
cheers hun!
nickki jonesx ;)
piccie courtesy of Ruth (nailsinlondon1) - bless ;) :oops:
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