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May 6, 2009
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Northern Ireland
Hi Guys

I was just wondering about facebook. I have just set up a facebook page for my business, Mourne Therapies, and have got 33 "friends" already. One of them is one of the big retail outlets in my area. I've noticed that if I post something on my page, it doesn't come up on their page. Is it cheeky to manually write my offers on their page? Also, the "friends" that I have so far, have over 1000 "friends" on their pages. Is it appropriate for me to go and invite them all to join my page? It might take a while, I know, but I'm just trying to come up with different ways of getting me out there and start drumming up some business for christmas.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
The standard for my page and that of my friends is that we ask before we post anything up. I think its polite and the done thing to ask first. As for asking their friends to join you, why not ask your friends to suggest you? those that do get a little voucher? discount? this way you are giving them something for their time. I do this and its very successful.

best of luck

When you write things on your page it will not appear on their page, it appears n their home page news feed when they log in. Their page is to write things about their own business. They will be seeing your notices just as you can see all your friends notices when you log in.

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