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Jul 14, 2010
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Hi there,

I'm a bit confused as to what facial product brand to use for my mobile business. I am just starting out and don't wanna spend a complete fortune but at the same time i don't want to compramise on quality.

Any help or suggestions would be Fab!

Thanks x
Hi there are loads of threads about this question as it has been asked many times. Use the search facility and you will fond loads of useful info. Hth.
We use natural elements and the products are fab to use and a great price x
We use natural elements and the products are fab to use and a great price x
I have looked into this at depth and concluded that I am going to go for eve taylor. Give them a call theyr reallly helpful. They do a mobile starter kit for around 80 90 pounds I think. Hth x
Thanks very much for all your help! I shall research some of these options!

I have two ranges Ceteum and recently took on Eve Taylor - the start up/travel kit mentioned above. I would really recommend this for you - its great wee package for the price and has everything you need to get you going - I'm liking the products and customers are responding well to them. Its great cost effective way of trying out a range before splashing out loads.

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