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I'm looking for advice...

I'm wondering which brands you use for your facials in the salon?
I've looked into re-training with dermaligica or elemis as I'd like to use the more up market products but I just don't have the money to fund the start up costs.

I'm wondering if anyone has any other brands they can suggest I could try?



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I use Crystal Clear and Kaeso - both are excellent and fulfil different skin needs.

Personally I have never liked Dermalogica when I used it in the past - too many people reacted to it and the price was expensive. Having said that lots of salons stock it (perhaps because it is used a lot in training colleges??). There have been some posts recently about the changes currently happening with dermalogica so it might be worth researching what these salon owners are saying before you jump in.

I use Kaeso. Clients who have facials regularly have seen a difference in their skin, I also use it &my skin has improved so much!
Clients also love the smell of the products

What would you recommend for a teenager with dry/sensitive skin for daily use x

Contact Eve Taylor London. Super brand and company and professional only. Dermalogica and Elemis are in my local Lloyds Pharmacy. S x


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Contact Eve Taylor London. Super brand and company and professional only. Dermalogica and Elemis are in my local Lloyds Pharmacy. S x
Exactly, Dermoligica and Elemis are everywhere now!! I'm looking for someothing salon/spa exclusive :)

I will look at Eve Taylor and Kaseo :)


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Oh Kaseo is very cheap!! Is it any good?

Kaeso is a salon services brand. I don't think you could really expect your clients to pay much for a Kaeso facial, probably ok for level one in college or for practicing with IMO. Eve Taylor are a high end brand with medium prices as they are the manufacturers so no middle man. They just won the Best Natural Brand at the National UK Beauty Awards also!


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Ultimately, make sure you try the products you are considering on yourself and friends . The most expensive brands aren't always the best or most popular with your clients.
I sell far more kaeso retail than the more expensive Crystal Clear products.

Whichever brand you choose, ensure you are passionate and believe in the products. This way, you show your clients that they are great and they grow to love them too. No point in buying a brand in if you don't personally like them or see results from them. There are so many different brands on the market, see if you can get some trial kits in from brands that have been recommended and try them yourself!

Thankyou for all your comments, I will look into all the brands suggested and get some trial sizes to test first