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Dec 16, 2003
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Hi guys,

Now that I have completed my Masters in nails, I have been thinking about learning something new. I have had loads of requests over the years from clients for facials, so this is what I'm going to do. However, I do not know enough about what is out there and what products are best to use and to train with. Does anyone have any advice on this?
Thank you so much
My best advise is to check out VTCT as they do seperate modules for beauty.

You could then just study facials,as a seperate module.

This will give you a basic grounding.As you are a master in nails and enhancements you can appreciate the more education you recieve in skincare applis just the same.

As you probably have an account with Hyperion i would then train in something thats best suited to your taste in facials.I will always reccommend Academie as they provide holistic treatments with spectacular results.They have every skincare concern and can answer every type of skincare condition,and are a salon only brand like creative nails.

The world of skincare is fasinating,and you will be choosing a treatment that is as popular as nail enhancements.
Good luck:hug:
I would go for a vtct (or equivalent) course. these are modular and normally intensive (12/14 weeks). If there is a college near you they may offer this, or a private training centre in your area.

As for products, once you have had your training you can investigate which facial range best suits your budget and business needs, and the company will have their own training course for this (usually free for account holders), which will include intensive product knowledge and usually their own facial techniques, allowing you to further better your technique.
If you are starting to get itchy feet you may well be like me and you will never really be satisfied(Although i am thoroughly absorbed in nails at the mo because i find it such a challenge of course you have done your masters so you are at the top of the tree and i am no where near and i expect it to be that way for quite a while)
If you can,do everything in one go because facials will probably not keep you happy.Also you can get so much work from one thing bouncing off another.If i have a facial client they then become a waxing client as well and then have an occasional massage etc etc it really is of huge benefit to be able to offer all and in the long run a cheaper way of learning.
What you need to do first is obtain a generic qualification in facials, such as VTCT, then choose a product provider and do their product training so that you gain an indepth understanding of the products you will be working with and can do their signature facials.

I did my facial course (VTCT) at Amersham and High Wycombe College in Flackwell Heath which is not too bad to get to from Reading. (You will need to leave at 5 ish to get there for 6 but only cos it's rush hour, you will get back much quicker.)

It's a good course as it also covers make up and brow and lash treatments, inc lash perming.

Here's a link

Amersham & Wycombe College - Course - Cosmetic Makeup

Hope that helps.

P.S. I used to work at the Hex, in the box office, a while back now :)
Hey! Thanks for all the advice guys - and for the link Zo Zo (hey, when did you work at the Hex? Small world eh!? What's your name?). I will look into courses and take it from there. Decided to leave it a couple of months as I am so exhausted from all the studying at the moment! Thanks again x
I've pm'd you :)
Hi Once you get your qualification in facial techniques you should think about the Eve Taylor range it is an excellent range to have as there is no minimum order and the retail is reasonable for your clients. Not only that but the post graduate training in face and body techniques are outstanding!

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