Fake bake


hi all :green:

i did my fake bake manual application training lst nite and loved it, the tutor was fantastic and all the products looked great, i have used fake bake on myself in the past and have been pleased with the results.

i jst wanted to no what tan you guys used for manual application so i could get a few samples and test them out before commiting to a brand as the fake bake seemed a little expensive for starting out and i would like to get my application up to scratch first and see if i would have many clients as i think a lot of ppl in my area may prefer a spray xx

Lynne Baker

Lynne The Skin!
I use Fake Bake and would use nothing else now. It's a great product, and your clients will come back time and again because it's so good.


thanks 4 replying so quick :hug:

i really like there products to, do you buy jst the origional or the fair, origional and extreame, the girl that done our training did say that the origional will suit every skin type but i like the idea of catering to all skin tones individually

also when you apply manually do you have a price for the application and then an extra charge if the clients wants exfoliation aswell as i am assuming not all clients will want me to do this for them xxx