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Nails at Home

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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
Hiya, I'm doing a full set of tips with gel on my friend tonight - no he's not gay :D , just bites his nails really badly :( Anyway, he asked me recently if maybe I could put falsies on him so it would discourage him from biting them. Since I've managed to stop my mum from biting her nails (which she did all her life!) by giving her falsies I said I'd give it a go. Obviously he wants them VERY short and needs them to look totally real :) - don't think he wants to advertise the fact of what he's had done :oops: :oops: . Has anybody ever been asked to do this and if so has it turned out successful?

Hi there,

I usually use my husband badly bitten nails as tester when I want to try new products. :twisted: Obviously, it has to be "not obvious"... :rolleyes:

I sculpt rather than use tips. As his nails' free edge is rather non existant, a tip would look really odd, sort of really far up the nail. I use double forms to extend the nail slightly and then build a very thin free edge in a very pale white. And I try to not make them too shiny :rolleyes: ... and I am not allowed to do much of a cuticle work :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ... so I have to leave a larger than normal gap and to make sure the product is really flush at the edges... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Haaaaa... men.... :shock: :shock:
I have done some really badly bitten nails on men and my trick for the natural look was also to sculpt, but only using 'Blush' or pink powder to create a nail bed and no white or soft white free edge at all.

It may sound strange, but no free edge looked better than a white (or ish) free edge on a man and it gave the nails a plate and smoothed the ragged edges so that a natural free edge started to emerge very quickly and from there we just continued to overlay.

Very subtle and caused no comments. Just finished with a white block so that the nails didn't shine.
Thanks Nats - I see what you mean about why you don't do the tips - trouble is I'm not great at sculptures yet - especially on badly bitten nails :( :( However, my Bio Sculputure video tells me how to do a sculpture with a badly bitten nail by way of using the silk to create a "tip" - looks like I'll be practising this new method on my friend whether he likes it or not :twisted: :twisted:

Also, I suppose I'll have to give him really regular infills until they've grown enough to remove cos otherwise there could be a real tell tale sign of where the acrylic ends - don't think he'd get over the embarrassment if others realised he had falsies on!

Anyway, he's coming over tomorrow now instead of tonight - will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again
Thanks Geeg - just got your reply as I was writing mine to Nats - fingers crossed it works out tomorrow! ;)
HIya, maybe a set of clear overlays would be good, as it would not be obvious to those who know that he bites his nails that he has had anything done. This would give him a chance to grow his nails underneath the overlays. Did this on a friend of mine and it worked quite well.
Hi Saffirez - took your advice thank you very much and did just natural nail overlays on my friend :) He was pleased with the outcome and of course i told him I would do acrylic rather than gel so he wouldn't be so likely to chew them still :twisted: Even after just the preparation they looked a whole heap better though cos as you can imagine he's never had his cuticles tidied up in his life! :D I've told him he should try and get the infills done every week so as to make sure there's no noticeable evidence ever so hopefully, if everything goes well, within a few weeks he may have nails to the end of his fingers - rather than half way down them :x

Must admit it was quite hard though and hope I don't get too much lifting seeing as his whole nail was surrounded by skin tissue and there was hardly any nail there! Ah well, time will tell.

Thanks for everyone's advice :D :D
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