False nails that won't damage your own!!!


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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
Take a look at this item on ebay!!!! Peeps we are out of business these are definately the way to go lol!!!
www.ebay.co.uk item no5501184002
Now I don't object to the nails themselfs, but hey the promo write up is a bit how can I put this C**P.........
If you have ever had false nails fitted you will know what i mean about damaging your own nails. They are either filed down to the skin and then been stuck on, or had an industrial strength nail glue to fix them on that ping off when you dont want them to or need a crow bar to get them off when you want to!!
I wished Sellers would be a bit more truthfull and objective.................
Why not just say...............Party nails for the night................
Oh well we can never beat this lot.............but an email to the seller might do the trick lol....................
Ok off I go and write lol
We've had these here in the US for a lonnnng time LOLOL

They're called "Stick On Nails" LOLOLOL :rolleyes:

They are a JOKE- and I guarantee they pop off in under 1 hour of wear :green:

(I know personally because I let my 8 yr old wear them occasionally- they're so funny looking!)

Also, I have come across new clients that have mentioned using these in the past--- and guess what??


Are people really THAT gullible to think that double sided sticky tape is going to hold a plastic tip on?????????? :rolleyes:
My God !! I buy these in my local chemist for my 14yr old daughter for about £1.50, and she's lucky to get one night out of them! It's not difficult to see why she hasn't had any bids for them, is it!!
one of my client said she used them on her wedding day, and when she got to the top of the aisle she could see two sticking in her veil out of the corner of her eye !! :lol:
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