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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk
Hi ya all

please can someone help..

well i found out yes you can use the more than white on faze gel, i was told to put the mtw on after the layers of gel then seal it with the faze top coat...

now the problem is when i have done this it does not seem to dry, i am curing it under the uv but it never sets with da mtw.....

what can i do to stop it being sticky or am i putting it da wrong way round!!!!!

cheers girls

and HAPPY NEW YEAR GANG cos this is my first topic this year!!!!

CAZZA :D :D :hic: :hic: :hic: :hic: :hic: :hic: :hic: :hic: :hic: :hic:

Apply MTW under the FAZE gel....Not the FAZE2............ then cure........

The Faze2 is a permanent top coat, and doesn't need uv light to set.........
Faze2 works brill with acrylic airbrush paint and will seal designs in so they dont come off with enamel remover.............

But if you want to apply faze2 to any enamel or the acrylic based MTW you will have to wait at least a day before doing so, or else you will be left with a soft top coat that will not set...................

So try it the other way round Hun, this way will work for sure !!!!!
cheers ruth

:D :D :D :D :D :D cazza
If I were using MTW under any gel system, the procedure would be as follows.

2. Apply and blend and shape the tip.
3. Apply MTW to the tip. Let dry a full 2 minutes.
4. Apply Bonder layer of gel and cure.

Carry on with your other layers as usual.
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