Fed up!! New haircut?


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May 7, 2007
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Ive always had to battle with my hair. Its a big old pain in the bum. Ive been thinking of having it cut short but do not want to end up with the dreaded 'mushroom head' look. which I have done in the past.

ok .. so my hair is longish past my shoulders with layers, has a natural kink in it, and it is thick and easily knots. I find it hard to find a decent conditioner, ive used hundreds. some cheap, some expensive but i find that they weigh my hair down so it ends up looking so lank even if i just use a small amount. I would, like to keep it long if i could manage it, but its damn hard work. It just looks unhealthy.

If anyone has any useful information or tips to help me battle and tame my thick fuzz, please do share it would help me no end :)
your hair sounds like mine
i went from this to this to this.
over the space of a year and my hair is naturally very thick, and i have alot of it plus wavy/curly. i allways have to put in a smoothing serum and a leave in conditioner even now...but i also have to straighten my hair evertime i wash it...so if you want to go for a short style then think about straighteners....i only wash mine twice a week and its better not to blow dry my hair but let it dry naturally then straighten if i do dry it with a hairdryer then it looks thicker......hopefully some clever hair geeks can give you and me advice on our untamely thick locks


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Im always straightening my poor old mop. Im suprised its still living. No wonder its decided to curl up and die!

your hair looks lovely! I do have a love hate relationship with my hair. I love the body, but its kind of a battle with thickness and frizziness! Ive got layers but its not really defined enough, if that makes sense .. the hairstyle gets lost in my hair.

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