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Aug 28, 2010
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Hi all :wink2:

My first post!

I would like to know if any of you electrologists use the Carlton Ultrablend and if so, what is your experience of it? Do you use the Carlton needles with it or Sterex/Ballet etc.? How do you find the output, dials, blend function etc.?

I'm looking to specialise in electrology in the not too distant future and want to get a machine of my own to practice with. Ideally I would get a mid-range Apilus but they are quite expensive, so I'll get that in the future but for now I like the look of the Carlton Ultrablend since it seems very manual and therefore quite flexible in terms of modality/modifying treatments/finding the working point. I know everyone here in the UK has a Sterex, I don't know why but they don't appeal to me :confused:

I would appreciate any input on which machine to buy. I know it's personal preference but still I like to hear what others think. I prefer footswitch/unswitched needleholder as opposed to button-needleholders btw...I have huge hands for a woman :lol:
When I returned to electrolysis after a break, I thought the same as you. I will get the better machine later. However I just ended up paying twice! I did not like the UK choice of machines either and ended up buying a Precision by Uniprobe. These are available in the UK but I purchased mine direct from the USA. It is made for the European market and takes Uniprobe or Sterex needle holders and all needles. It looks a lot more upmarket than the ones available here. However as my treatment load increased and I had a need for more flexibility, I purchased an Apilus. I have one of the top end ones and they are excellent and frankly leave the standard machines way behind. The other option is that I have no needle or foot switch. When I insert the needle I have an auto sensor. The current is discharged only if you insert it correctly. This means your clients are assured that you are a good electrolygist and that you can concentrate wholly on insertion rather than having to press buttons.:)
^ I agree with you about the functions of the Apilus...they do seem to be light years ahead of the UK machines. Believe me I desperately want to buy an Apilus Senior II (the Cleo doesn't offer galvanic by itself and the blend function therefore is not manually's a decent machine but it's about £2000 and frankly if I'm spending that much, I might as well take the plunge and spend £4000 on the Senior II). At the moment I can't afford to spend more than £1000 and I'm hesitant about borrowing money since I work part-time. No idea what to do! Also, the UK distributor for Apilus is HOF Beauty. I did contact them but found them very pushy with the salesman approach, that slightly put me off :irked:
Well I guess you have to make your choice from the UK market. Sterex seem to re-sell pretty well on ebay but I do not think you will go wrong with Carlton either. I have to admit I am surprised that you cannot manually over ride the autoblend on the Cleo as I can manipulate any of the set programmes on my machine. If you can get the Cleo you will be able to re sell very easily as they are like gold dust to buy second hand. Good luck.:)

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