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Feb 27, 2012
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So geeks I am feeling a little sorry for my self at the moment

Basically I have worked at a beauty salon for 3 years now
I have my own client base and I am liked and well respected by all of the salons clients

My boss who is a therapist at the salon has just had breast cancer and had a lot of time of so I have taken over her client base as well as my own so as you can all imagine I am extremely busy ( which I love) anyway she is having to take more time of work now and possibly only starting back one to two days a week so is interviewing new staff!

Along the grape vine I have heard the new 3 members of staff are getting paid more every hour than I am, this has upset me as I feel I have been taken advantage of and have been running the salon for the past year

Anyhow I am mumbling!

Just wondering if any off my fellow geeks have a good way of going about asking my very stressed out boss for a pay rise
Or do you think I am being silly??

P.s excuse the rubbish spelling on my iPhone :)
Hey hun

Problem here as marvin would say.... You've heard it through the grapevine ;) so im assuming its hearsay at the moment.

The best thing i think you could do is just have a friendly sit down chat with your boss explaining the situation. She's been ill and stressed but im sure shed much prefer a chat with you at the beginning rather than it niggle you and cause problems further down the line.

Good luck hun x x x
Thank you :) I think that is my plan! :)
Thank you :) I think that is my plan! :)

You will a lot better when you have a chat. I had to do it a few yrs ago and felt much better afterwards believe me.

End result, a pay rise and a bonus:)
I agree you need to have a chat with your boss, try not to get down about it as I'm sure your boss would feel terrible knowing you were upset.

If you don't ask you don't get in this world :hug:

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