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Jan 20, 2009
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orpington kent
I have been doing beauty therapy for 9 years of which 3 years I have been self employed working from my parents house I was doing ok and then my circumstances took a hit last year and I had two options stop altogether or move my business into a different location, I love my job so I decided to open a very small salon. Things were doing ok but now so many of my clients are leaving to go to people who are local that have gone on day courses and are charging ridiculous prices which I can not compete with. I am now only making enough money to pay the bills I haven't been paid since November I have done a 6000 leaflet drop as well as a banner out side the entrance to the business centre and I have a website and facebook group. I can feel my business as well as my passion slipping through my fingers :Scared: Can anyone think of any additional treatments I can add that these DAY COURSE people can not do so I have something to pull the clients back in again? xXX
I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling. However, given that there are a lot of one day coursers on here, I don't imagine you'll get much sympathy with that kind of attitude.

Yes, I've done product based training, bio sculpture manicure, pedicure and gels, shellac (and Brisa conversion tomorrow with CND), Lash Perfect eyelash & brow tinting & semi-permamnt eyelash extensions, day spray tanning course and waxing diploma followed by further training with Kim and Andy & ZoZo. Your surmising that one dayers are all undercutting is grossly unfair and highly inflammatory.

Sorry that as I had a degree in nursing and ran a worldwide respected HIV research unit I didn't feel the need to go and do a NVQ in beauty being taught by someone who will NEVER know as much about A&P and diseases as I will. Sorry that running a very successful business turning over in excess of 250k means that I can’t possibly be perceived as a professional because I haven’t done an NVQ.

I’m getting a bit fed up with people complaining about people “taking their business away”. Your customers are free to go wherever they wish. It’s up to you to make them loyal to you.
I tend to agree with Unas that one day coursers aren't the problem. The problem is that your clients are going elsewhere. You need to look at why.

Do you provide a good experience? Do you give good results from your treatments? Why should they come to you rather than someone else?

If all your clients were bargain hunters, maybe you're too cheap. If you are just drawing in that crowd and losing them to cheaper therapists, maybe you need to start marketing to a higher class of clientelle...people that can afford their treatments and want them done on a regular basis by an experienced, professional therapist.

HTH xx
hun i feel for you but you have to come back fighting, either add something to your current treatments like free nail art/foot massage with a facial etc or get something new in and offer it at a silly price for a month or so to get ppl in, target some local businesses and offer a special price, offer some friends/family free nails or tans to help promote you.........just do something dont just sit back and let your business that you have worked hard for go!!!
search for Lynne Baker's thread more ways to promote your business.
Now I'm not having a dig, I promise I'm not, this is a serious question, when did you last update your skills?
I'm sure you know the difference between a one day now you know everything course and a short but comprehensive industry course.
I have trained with some fabulous industry trainers and am at college learning the beauty trade from the BTEC angle, only because I want to be able to offer some of those treatments that suppliers will only offer to people who are level 3 qualified.
Where am I going with this?
Well, to me training never stops, I don't know what you already offer, who's brands you offer or anything else, all I can tell you is what is popular in my area that the cheap as chips crowd can't offer.
Hot waxing, way better than strip wax for the sensitive area's and you can charge more for it.
Threading, I have no idea why, I think it hurts a lot more than waxing but, everyone wants their eyebrows threaded.
Good old spray tanning, if you can show clients that they don't need to look like an umpa lumpa you have clients for life.
Shelac and Gelish, it really does bring the manicure clients back and the limits to what you can do with it are only set by your imagination.
bridal packages, not just for the bride but for the whole party including the men!
Prom night. The girls love to have their make up done and if you give them a standard price for a smoky eye look that will complement their dress, you can have a production line going through your door. Nails the day before, maybe with a spray tan and make up on the day.
Yes that's seasonal work, but you can give them a voucher for mum say 10% off the first treatment. Mum's who see what a good job you've made on their girls are more likely to think of you when it's time to treat themselves.
My next one is going to be May day mix and match pedicure. I've got that lovely callus peel. Which I include in a Shelac or Gelish treatment or a half leg wax or both. Along with the paraffin wax or foot mask.
I find that doing another course helps me regain my mojo, as well as adding to my skill set it also lets me network.
hth x
I really do feel for you but you have kind of shot yourself in the foot with your post ! You obviously aren't happy about clients going to other therapists trained on one day courses but why are they going ? If you have a low opinion of the courses (a lot of us do) then the therapists are obviously doing something right if the clients are leaving and most importantly staying.

I think most of us at some point have jumped ship at one time or another over something. I stopped going to my hair salon as I couldn't afford £54 for a cut, tried a new salon at half the price and it was awful so went straight back to my old hair stylist. Now if the new one had been good I would of stayed and been rubbing my hands with glee that I was getting a good cut at better price.

If you don't feel it is your techniques and the clients are purely leaving over the price then it may be you are targeting the wrong clients. If you are cheap and cheerful you won't be attracting people with high disposable income that want to be pampered in a luxury enviroment.

I also agree with Susie about updating your skills. I qualified nearly 10 years ago and although I attend training every year I really need to update my massage routine! Since I stopped working in spas I don't do much massage and I will be doing a course this year to polish up my routine.

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