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Oct 4, 2003
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Hi Guys,

I get very dissapointed when I do my Fibreglass nails, compared to when I do Gel Nails. The Fibreglass nails never come up as shinny :(

Are there any secrets anyone wants to share with me on how to get a WOW shine when doing Fibreglass nails :?:


Lynn 8)
Hi Lynn

I know what you mean! I have always felt that gel nails have a different finish or look compared to the wrap system. With Gel you get the finish with a gel top coat were as the wrap system a little more elbow grease is needed.

I have tried a few wrap systems in my time. I have found if you always aim for a smooth finish with your application you can then use a light touch with a high grit abrasive there will be allot less finishing to get you a great shine.

1. After refining your out line
2. Smooth over the surface with a 240 grit abrasive ( imagine your filling over an egg Raw, I found this helped me to visualize swerving with the curve of the nail also made me keep a light touch)
3. Try a little Oil (Solar Oil is amazing it benefits any system)
4. Buff in with a 1200grit abrasive (the soft and cuddly Koala always does the trick for me) it really helps to refine the scratches.
5. Remove the excess oil (Scrubfresh does the trick)
6. Buff over with the Girlfriend Buffer it really gives an amazing finish

Hope this helps

Di x
Thanks Di,

Comments appreciated and noted...

I will keep perservering as Fibreglass is my FAV system!

Have not used a girlfriend buffer, might give that a go!!!


Better still try the competition winning wrap system Fabric#.

With the Fabric# system you can apply a coat of BOOST to the finished nail which adds permanent shine with no buffing!!! It is the best wrap system in the world. Why bother with the elbow grease when you don't have to??

Check out the things people are saying about it on this site. Go to search and type in Fabric. There have been over 150 postings about this product and over half of them have been to praise it!!

I find that the shine and amount of buffing you do on fibreglass is dependent on the amount of coats of resin applied.

Starting with the pinky, I apply one coat of resin over the fibreglass on the four fingers. I then apply another coat on all four before spraying the activator (this ensures that the fibreglass has really disappeared). I then apply another two coats of resin each followed by activator. I find it is important to spray the activator from a good distance for two reason: One so that it is not uncomfortable for the client, and: Two, a light mist gives a more even finish.

I find the buffing needed is then minimal.
You will never look back once you have tried Fabric#!!! The absolute best there is.

You must have read all the hundreds of posts regarding this system from bazillions of nail technicians that are using it ... some with more than 10 years experience using wrap systems in their salons.

Who needs a gel coat for permanent shine??? You get permanent shine within the system!

If you liked the look of gel but prefer the strength of fibreglass could you put a gel layer on fibreglass?

Cristine :)
cristine said:

If you liked the look of gel but prefer the strength of fibreglass could you put a gel layer on fibreglass?

Cristine :)

Thanks all for your comments -

I think I will give the NEW Fabric a try - it could replace my Fibre glass system!!

The only way I have tried Gel with Fibre glass is putting a top coat on the finish - it did not stay on very well though... ummm.. lets hope this NEW Fabric system puts a stop to all my worries!!


Hello there
I need some help with this Fabric#. I have purchased the try me kit, thought i would give this go see how i like it.How would i do a rebalance?
would i apply more fabric? :?
Please pm the geek and ask him to send you the rebalance instructions.

You would be given these if you attended a class but if not we will e-mail them to you.

Send the geek your e-mail address.
Posted the original notes on rebalance under the other thread opend by easy.............under Help, Help
So all sorted Geeg,
hope you dont mind

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
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