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Feb 18, 2003
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gran canaria and skegness
:oops: i oten read that every client should have a file/abbrasive[can't spell]just for them,i will own up and say i don't do this but i do sanitise them after every client with clori spray....i have read on some american sites that it is state requirement to do this.why is it not so important in the u.k.we don't seem to be as strict as the u.s on a lot of you think things will change.i live in spain [gran canaria ]and i don't think there is enough tough guide lines for the spanish beauty industry here. i have had spanish clients come in with their eponichium cut and infected and a lot with bacterial infections.does any one know if now that we are apart of the eec that things will change.will there be an european governing watch dog.........sorry to go on so long.
lilixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :?: :rolleyes:
Hi Risol2001

I decided to 'allow' all my clients the option of purchasing a nail file pack. This includes: 240/240 Black Velvet(emery type), 240/1200 Koala and 180/100 Hard Shot (all from CND). After each use the files are sanitised with Chlorispray, wrapped in couch roll and placed in a marked envelope. I relay the price through to the client, £2.50 for the initial pack and £1.00 per replacement file thereafter.

I start by telling new clients about the possibilities of X contamination and to be quite honest, most of my clients are more than happy with this option. Anybody who doesn't will have a set of files that are used on anybody else who also doesn't want to (once again they are all sanitised). That is their choice.

Lets face it, I'm not making any money on these files, but at the same time I'm not having to lay out on them either.

All the best, Adele
While I agree that guidelines are good, Paronychia (bacterial fold infections) and greenies have little to nothing to do with this issue. Its a symptom of a new market.
This is relatively common in places that are just starting before there is good education and restrictions in place.

Once again I am in support of government guidelines... however just because the US has regulations does not always mean they care for the nail better... some of the most damaged nails I have seen have been wrecked in the states :)

Before I get flamed here... I guess I should add some of the best techs I know are from the states. :)

Love yall!
Australia is similar to the UK in regards to regulatory bodies... and lack thereof...

I adhere to the US regulations regarding sanitation. I use a new file for each client and throw it away, or give it to them, at the end of the service.

This has been a good advertising point for me.
some of the most damaged nails I have seen have been wrecked in the states

Before I get flamed here... I guess I should add some of the best techs I know are from the states.
Oh so lucky you added that last little lucky... ;)

Would you not agree that there are more people doing nails in the US? So odds of a crappy nail tech are higher..yes? You know...1 in 10.. 10 in 100? Yes?...of course would not disagree with me would ya? ;) ;)
this is sort of funny about the American thing... I have seen so many places that advertise "American Style Nails" both in UK and Spain (Lanzarote). Do you suppose it is because of their "stellar reputation" (i.e. having oodles of regs) or is it the nail art aspect? Just wondering what you guys think.
Feel like someone is picking on my just kidding.

Can you guys get the US NailPro? There is a great article by Vicki Peters about sanitation and disinfection for files, etc. Really a good article.

We have become almost a little phobic about our files and buffers and disinfection.
In the US we tend to be a little germ phobic anyway...that is why we have such a high rate of asthma and things like that...children are not exposed to enough regular germs when they are young so they can build regular immunitys...then their bodies immune system gets wacky.. yup..been watching the Discovery Channel
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