Fingertips Centre directions please


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Aug 22, 2010
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Hi everyone was wondering if someone could help me out im booked onto the minx nails course at the fingertips center edinburgh but im not too sure whats the best station to get off it best to get off at haymarket and get a taxi over or am i best getting off at waverly? :S :irked:
Hi there!

Unfortunately the Fingertips Centre is a bit out of the City Centre, a good 10 minute drive.
I would recommend gettin off at Haymarket Station then a bus out to the Newbridge Business Park as this is the closest bus stop.
Hope that helps! x
I mean you could get a taxi from Haymarket? Might cost quite a bit tho x
I am sure if you gave them a call they would help you out with the best way to get there x
the girls are very helpful, just give them a wee call and they can let you know.......................they might even pick you up!!!
You dont want to be getting off at Waverly, thats further away than Haymarket. Go to Haymarket and right outside theres the airport bus number 100. Go to the airport on that then its 2mins from there by taxi. Or Im sure if you call them and let them know you will be going to the airport someone might pick you up from there!
Definitely give them a phone I am sure I saw somewhere that they do a pick up service from the nearest Railway station for people like yourself using public transport.
thanks girls thats been a great help :D cannot wait to start doing minx in my salon

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