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Jun 19, 2010
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lytham st annes
Hi I have a new client who has flat nail bed, she is wanting tips and I dont know what tips to use for best fit.
I am placing an order with cnd tomorrow morning for polishes so could add some tips from there if there are any suitable????
Any help or advice would be great as it is my first client with such a flat nail bed. She did say that when she has had them before they couldnt be sculpted as the form would not fit under her nail properly! Not sure if this is across the board or just that it was too fiddly and the tech chose not to????

Thanks for any help
Hiya, you can use formation tips. they have a natural side wall and can be customised to fit the free edge. i would use a tip rather than a form on a flat nail that way you'd get a better c curve. i have used forms before though on these kind of nails but it do find i have to customise the forms a little ensuring i get a nice c curve,x hth
Thanks so much, formation tips will be added to the order:) Are there any tips for applying the tips, blending etc?

Many thanks
I cut the well to fit the free edge, thin before applying to the nail. Don't worry, you'll be fine. :hug:
Thanks for that, so flippin nervous:) I know I shouldnt be.

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