Forever French Fabric# infills


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Jenni G

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Oct 3, 2003
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Can anyone tell me what you do when you infill after using white tips with Fabric#? How do you do the back fill?


When you tidy up the free edge with a file after using Build and Blast how do you clear away the dust and what with?

Jenni x
The way to do the 'french rebalance' using Fabric# is to use "More Than White" brush on white liquid acrylic!!!
Absolutely fab and SO easy.

I just use a soft brush if there is any dust hanging around before I apply BOOST.
... well that's what I thought (More than White) but I was thinking that has only just come out - so what did you used to do B4 More than White? I just like to know just in case I found myself in the situation where I didn't have that little bottle of magic! I'm too curious for my own good sometimes?

Jenni x
Well it was a case of paint on a normal French Manicure at the end of the service to cover up the regrowth but of course that wasn't permanent.
and thank you for your quick response. Not sure I would have slept tonight thinking about that one!

Jenni x
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