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Dec 27, 2007
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After doing LOTS more reading on this site, I am now very keen on the creative course (im a nightmare I know!), having had NO previous experience on enhancements, I believe the foundation course is the course for beginners? Its a 6 day course.... but is there more work at home to complete before you qualify? It cant be just 6 days then off you go!?? Would I be better to get NVQ or IHBC then do a conversion course with Brisa? or would brisa courses be enough for all the knowlege I need? :confused: Thanks again to all you helpfull geeks out there!.... x
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The Creative Foundation course is as it sounds - a foundation to your career. It is comprehensive enough to get you up and running, and it starts from the beginning of what you need to know. There is more work to do at home - loads of it. Both practical work on your nail trainer hand as well as studying the theory.

But, there is no course in existence that means you never need to take another one! If you choose the Creative education path there are Skillbuilding Classes, the option of 1:1 tuition as well as the Master Classes in all systems. Learning is lifelong......

I did the creative foundation course last summer and it was 5 days long, spread over several weeks. It teaches you the basics of how to apply liquid and powder enhancements and you'll need to practise loads at home, indefinitely!

It certainly isn't the end of your training and you can book further courses and individual sessions with your educator. It's an ongoing thing, if you are really serious about it. It does what it says and gives you a foundation to build on. I am planning to do a VTCT course this year and also extend my repetoire of systems. You never stop learning. :)
I understand you can do your NVQ with them too,is this right? anyone done this?
I think you can do your VTCT/NVQ with them if your educator holds the relevant assessor qualification? You would need to enquire about this beforehand or make other arrangements elsewhere if your's doesn't.
i haven't done a creative course but everyone i know that has speaks very highly of them

i wish you all the best of luck and the geeks here are always available to help
I did an NVQ at college, then a Creative Brisa Conversion. Being at college with hands on clients day in day out suited me. Everyones different. And as others have said train, train, train and practice like mad.
i think im going to ring up creative and see whats what.Iv done level 2 in nails etc but i want to learn L+P and Brisa.The only draw back i would have its away from home and iv got kids and my hubby works,theres no way i could drive daily over 2/3 hrs to get there as im not very good with travelling.Has creative ever come out of their regions does anyone know if this has ever been done? sorry to over take thread xx just a quick question x
Just give HQ a buzz at 0845 210 6060 and choose option 1 (love and respect). They will help guide you to where you want to be :)

Thanks, I've phoned them and they are sending me the info, she cleared up a few things for me too! Think Im gona book it!!!!! Yay!
Im pleased for you Shellpink hope you have great succes in it all,im going to phone them tomorow when iv plucked up courage as i dont do phones i get soo nervouse.
Anyway good on ya x

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