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Aug 10, 2006
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ok then seeing then that i've passed my driving test and i'm in a great mood and feeling brave i have posted my pics for you to look at.

please remember that i have only done my first 3 days of foundation i'm due to do my 4th next monday. these pics are part of my homework that we have been asked to do. i know they are not perfect they are far from it but i would like comments about them as i feel this can only better me.


The pics are a bit small to see close up but from what i can see they look good..i don't think you have anything to worry about.

Congrats of passing your driving test. x
sorry about that! i've made them bigger now hope this is better!

thanks for your reply Angie
These are good for your 3rd day ... the only thing that stands out & to be careful of, is to keep the length of your white consistent ... it only really appears to stand out on the bottom picture, so it maybe the angle the picture has been taken at!!

Well Done :green:
i think as you are new ,these are fan tastic!!!
well done, i have seen a lot worse by techs been doing it for years,
you go girl!!!!

clever girl xxx
thank you so much for your comments i'm off to do some more practice.:)
I think you've done a fab job :D

On the bottom pic a couple of them look a tad wide on the hips, they need to be a bit straighter on the sidewalls, nothing that a quick swipe with a 240 grit won't sort out.
Gosh Lucy yours look really good, i don't want to bring my homework in now!! Can i ask how long it is taking you to do a hand? Also which college are you doing your make up course at?
WOW!! Brilliant,,,u can practice on me!!!
Gosh I can't believe you have produce these after only 3 days! I did my foundation a year ago and still can get anything near this!
thanks everyone for your great comments. :hug:

Heidi, it's taking for ever to do a hand, god help me when i start on the public:eek:. i'll only manage 1 a day hehe:lol:

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