Front dial query on TS50 Helia gun


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Oct 1, 2013
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Hemel Hempstead
Hi Geeks,

Just did my first spray tan and it went ok!! I don't think I sprayed enough solution (about 40mls) so next time I will turn the density dial up a little. I think it was just first time nerves. Haha.
My question training we were taught to spray vertically and I'm sure the trainer said to have the front dial vertically also. However a friend I made on the course said she thought we had to have the front dial horizontal. When I was spraying my client tonight I thought the tan was going on in definite lines rather than a fanned effect. I'm totally confused now with what to do!!! Before I do anymore I just wanted to check with you girls.....
Just want to reassure you 40ml is fine. Anywhere between 35-50ml is recommended amount but most newbies use slightly more. The more experienced and confident you become the less solution you should be using. As long as you have covered everywhere and the tan looks good then your doing great. Ask to see your model to check tan once washed off, it will give you a better indication and hopefully put your mind at ease x
Oops!! Sorry Steve!! :) thanks to the both of you for the advice xxx

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