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Jul 19, 2005
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Cannock, Staffordshire
If you ever need a giggle, you should come on MSN.

I just woke huuby up laughing soooo much. Please, anyone who is in need of a giggle, come along and chat with us, bring a bottle or 5, let your hair down and have a really good giggle.

i have to give credit where credit is due, EMMSYBABES is officially the funniest person EVER.

Rock on JIMMY

okay so i said jimmy instead of tommy lol
i knew it was somekind of male name that ended in mmy . I was half right :lol:
for anyone who doesnt know
I am a teaholic
but tomnnight I have had some vodkas :lol: and I made rachel laugh ...who might I add has had LOOOOAADSSSS of sothern comforts (loads shes a right p***head)
I got tummy ache of this stupid vodka now , so Im having a dariry;ea dunker

does anyone else get tummy ache and neck ache of vodkas ?
i got hives too,,,,i bet im allergic to tjhe stupid stuff !!:eek:

anyway were having a msn party on friday so get your bums over there
it will be funny :hug:
yay... can i come to the party???
maemay make me giggle too... bless ya hunnio :hug:

Oh a party on Friday, count me in.:)

Last night was so funny I have never seen Rach laugh so much,I thought she was going to fall off her chair :lol::lol::lol:
Tell you what I'll pop in for a quick one (drink!), but can't go mad. Got a client at 10am.;)

No TROP unfortunatly!

So tea and cake, if that's ok?:D


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