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Apr 26, 2003
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hi ya mrs geek...i am booked on to do a masters class in aug and sept...i didnt do my foundation with you that was with star nails and the training academy, and i have dabbled with EN homelearn...however i do need further training what do u suggest, The Next Step maybe??? One to One?...i just need more training on perfecting the acrylic and my tips...(air bubbles and me dont agree...lol)...come august i want to be really good so i can just go way ahead with the masters, so i want some help between now and then...thanks vicky...your advice greatly appreciated as always...
Well, 1-2-1 will allow you to cover EXACTLY what you feel is needed to get your skill level 'up'! If you only want to do smiles, then for 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc hours, that's all we will do - the Next Step is a great 1 day course designed again by us for the UK market. It covers Retail, Client Record Cards, Problem Clients and how to handle them - all sorts of 'what happens if' essentials! I would think that maybe 1-2-1 would be better - the charge is £35.00 per hour and it is entirely up to you how long you want your training to be :!: When Geeg was around more, she used to do LOADS of competition 1-2-1's for girls wanting to enter comps and do well so you really have a lot of scope! Hope this has answered your question! BTW 1-2-1 is with Di and she won 1st at Manchester a couple of years ago so beautiful smiles, getting rid of bubbles, the perfect finish.... No Problem!! do what you want to do and get as much out of it as possible! ;)
thanks...is there a waiting list at leeds for 1-2-1????...

vicky x
.... because it is such an individule thing - we tend to be fine on bookings although it obviously has to be when FDFC's etc aren't going on!! you should have no problem booking in !!! ;)
hi ya...disappointed today, phoned up and u have no 1-2-1's till august, my masters class is on the 26th... :(
oh well i best get practicing myself...
what about bridlington (carmen)...how do i find out if carmen has any 1-2-1's available...? vicky x
The DesignerNails education line is the CENTRAL line where we take bookings for all of the Creative Nail Academies. It is always best to ring that line as there are now 5 full time operators (Academy Advisors) who can tell you any information you want to know for every academy.
hi ya...nothing available for 1-2-1 till august...i enquired about fabric and nothing in bridlington, leeds 15th aug, however i get married on the 16th...anyway ile sort something out...ive ordered a try me kit so ile give that a whirl...no harm in that...gonna do some more acrylics tonite...vicky x
So sorry to disappoint you. We are so booked up that I guess it was impossible to fit it in! BUT Master classes are about technique as much as other information and are designed to 'hone' your skills to the highest level if you practice what has been taught and want to take it that far.

Don't worry that you won't be good enough to take the Master classes. If you give it your all and are willing to learn new ideas and break old habits, then you will be able to pass your practical and your theory on Masters Qualification Day. If not ... you can practice some- more and retake your MQD.
thanks, thats what ile do practice practice practice...i will be a master nail technician...and from my 1st masters day to the last there is 5 months, so plenty of time...vicky x
Hello Mrs Geek,

Are there any 1-2-1 sessions available in London :?:

Look forward to hearing from you ;)
Julia said:
Hello Mrs Geek,Are there any 1-2-1 sessions available in London :?: Look forward to hearing from you ;) Julia

Julia - I never know 1-2-1 dates - the Education Dept is central for ALL knowledge in that area - regarding 1-2-1 in London you would pay more to have training with Ketan Patel - he has won so many comps that his prices are higher, (like Geeks) call Angelica 020 7385 2488 and she will tell you when he is available! ;)
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