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Mar 29, 2012
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I'm just devising my treatment list for my new business and wonder...
Are you currently offering galvanic facials, if so which machine do you use?
Also which products do you use in the treatment?

Many thanks x
I use the skinmate Galvanic which I bought from Beauty Express. I currently have two skin care ranges; Eve Taylor and Thalgo. Both work really well with the machine.

I have a dectro machine called vitaderm, plus my apilus electrolysis machine has this facility.
I use a mix of products.
My routine goes something like this
Priadara desincrustation gel
Swissdermyl enzyme peel
Swissdermyl treatment ampoule
Swissdermyl serum
Priadara ionto gel - whichever one is required for the specific skin issue
Treatment moisturiser. This can be either a swissdermyl one, or the novita superior hydration creme
Swissdermyl eye serum
Spiezia lip balm
Ultrasun face 30 sunscreen.
I will be buying the Carlton Classic Galvanic machine later in the year, just as soon as I find somewhere to do the training!
Thankyou for the replies, I am still at the research stage as to what treatments and products I am going to offer...the more I read the more i am looking at. I will be happy to have made a decision!!

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