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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
yea sam! post us a pic!! we dunno who we r gona be looking for at olympia otherwise!! ;) ;) ;)

click on info on the geek on the left of your screen .there is a picture of geek if you scroll down ,quite far down actually
if it's a picture of me as in female Sam, email me at my [email protected] address and I will forward my 'bio' shot - Mr Geek is far more exciting than I am though!!! Kelly you are funny, I think of you as GH and I expect Layla to turn up with ears and bunny tail!!! Honorary Geek is OK with me truly - I will post when I can and hopefully help when needed... I think he made both Geeg and me 'Honorary' because 1. I had to put up with all the hours it takes for him to do this stuff...2. Geeg - mucho respecto!! Rock on Sunday!! :sunny: :king:
hahahahahaha a pink playboy bunny costume!! will be wearing my pink top though :) and of of my trademark playboy bags! god im obsessed!

:D I've just seen Mrs Geek's piccy!! :D What a honey! hehehe!

I thought Id put this up for everyones bemusement. Its the geeks... er I mean sweets... now you know who to look for :)

What a cute family :D

Lots of white!
Aw ... Look at my babies! :D
Love you LOADS!
omg what a CUTE picture!!! Thats sooooo sweet!! Ah yah all so pretty :rainbow:

:) Great picture. It shows how very happy, in-love & excited about life that you all are.

..that's such a lovely picture. How do I post a piccie of my baby if it's on my hard drive and not the web?

You can tell I'm a bit computer illiterate can't you!!! (No smirking Sam!!)

Catch ya later alligator! ;) [/img]
You guys are adorable.
Now I have to post a picture too. This is me and my kiddos this weekend. Not nearly as professional a photo as the
We had a little mini vacation this past weekend. Stayed in a hotel...swimming in the pool..crab legs for dinner... Kids love that stuff.
Sorry husband is not in the picture...he was driving the car at the moment this pic was
what an awesome pic sweet!! you have an adorable family!

christie that is a fabulous snapshot!!!

such beautiful people!!!

we have family pics scheduled for may, maybe I will
thank you all for the lovely compliments - x Christie, that is great pic.....what beautiful children and a gorgeous mum!!! :D Ours was done specially for my parents and Sam's parents as a Christmas pressie last year, that's why it is pro but I love Haydn looking 'cool' and Dexter sitting beneath Dada's legs!!! ;)
The kids look so cute in their poses. I'll bet the grandparents were thrilled. You have got a really sweet family (no pun intended). Plan on having any more?

Myself I do not plan to. When I had my son I said "okay..a girl and a boy, my duty is done. I am not going through that ever again"
Then of course I see the pics of Patty's cute little baby boy and think " wonderful to have a sweet little baby" No strong...
Here is a piccie of my baby.

If it hasn't come out which it probably won't then go to:!+Photo+Album&.src=ph&.order=&.view=t&.done=http%3a// to see my baby!!
4 us, although I know what you mean; I saw the most gorgeous little man at the show in a papoos, could have just eaten him up :p !!! We are happy with two boys - let's hope I like their future gilfriends!!! ;)
That is a fab family pic. Its lovely to put a face to a name, even better to see a family to go with it. I keep trying to put a pic on here but being pc illiterate I never seem to manage.

Holy cow Patti... he's getting massive so fast... don't they grow. He will be doing full sets before you know it :)

Mines damn near doing them faster than me now :rofl:
It's been awhile since I've posted, but I've checked in to lurk....

Thought I'd post a couple recent piccies of Benjamin.


5 Weeks, 2 days old


5 weeks, 2 days old

Yummy....just yummy.

LOVE the family pics, Sam & Samantha and Christie!
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