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Oct 11, 2007
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Just wondering if anybody has tried this yet. Would be interested in any feedback. They seem to do some lovely colours.

I'm now not sure which one to go for, Shellac, Gelish or or Ezflow Gel it! Alternative??????:irked:

Any feed back would be great!
Gelish and Shellac information can be found on their 'Lovers' groups but I am not sure about the EZ Flow version. :)
I have the Ezflow Alternatives collection, its very similar to bio and calgel. Its good in the way that you can use it to extend, and the colours are lovely. One of the main problems I find is that the pots can leak and cause a sticky mess everywhere. I store them upright and clean them after every use but from some colours i still get seepage.

I would say that shellac and gelish are different products all together and that Alternatives is defiantly a soak off gel x
Thanks for the info. Think i might just consider either Gelish or Shellac!


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